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My New eBook - The Beauty of Ambiguity

I have written a new eBook called The Beauty of Ambiguity!

This extended, new piece will help you to better understand your own concepts of beauty and how it can be explored through your photography.

I also decided to make it an anthology of sorts, so I included updated versions of the most popular how-to stories like "9 Tips for your HDR Brain to Consider" to "HDR: It's About the Light," and I also revisited and expanded some of my popular long-form pieces, like the Chernobyl story.


30 Days and 30 Nights in Queenstown

I've just moved to New Zealand, and my first 30 days and 30 nights here made a powerful impression on me. I've never done anything quite like this before, so I thought I would share what I felt with you. The music is from my friend... one of the few people on earth that makes my heart beat a little faster than normal... Hans Zimmer. Just go ahead and buy all of Hans Zimmer's work... let it be the soundtrack of your life.

Over 300 hours of work went into the film's creation. The Full How-To Video is coming soon, but I did everything myself... the shooting, the post-processing, the editing and sync, etc etc... I used a violent mixture of many tools: Photomatix Pro (Photomatix Review), Magic Bullet Looks (Magic Bullet Looks Review) , Topaz Adjust (Topaz Adjust Review), Nik Software (Nik Software Review), Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, LRTimelapse, Twixtor Pro, Final Cut X. Also thank you for logistical help to my assistant Abraham Stephenson.


New Lightroom Presets

I've never released any Lightroom presets before ... until now!

Over the years, I've created thousands of different presets, and I've chosen the best of the best for my Lightroom Preset Packages. And I think you'll come away more-than-impressed with what these HDR-in-Lightroom presets can do to your photos. This may sound strange, but each time I click on them, even I am impressed and surprised!

Exclusive discount for newsletter subscribers!

I want you to try these presets, so I'm giving away Package 3 for free! Just use discount code "PRESETSFORNEWSLETTER" on checkout. This discount will expire on September 30th.


New Tutorial Series: Discover the Art of Photography

We held a special live event recently, and now the video course itself is available for everyone! If you visit the Art of Photography page, you can read some of the nice things people said.

This tutorial is tailored to beginning and intermediate level photographers. It covers the fundamentals of how a camera operates, properly composing a photo, finding your artistic style, and basic photo editing.


Many Great New eBooks at Flatbooks!

Most of us dream about traveling to an exotic location on a photographic expedition and bring back those mesmerizing photographs that will stand out in a sea of imagery. This book was written to help you think of all the details that can get overlooked and that can sabotage great photographic opportunities.

Dream Plan Go will help you start planning and preparing for an expedition. You will learn how to find the right guide and interview them. You will learn how to do your research, get organized, and stay organized so you do not miss those opportunities where you have only one chance to get it right.

Use discount code DreamPlanGoNewsletter to get 20% off, exclusively for Stuck in Customs Newsletter subscribers! This discount expires 9/21/2012.


In his 94-page e-book,The Fine Art of Painting with Light, Ben Willmore covers this unique form of photography in stunning detail. The book is a comprehensive guide, starting with your very first lightpainting and moving through to advanced techniques and post-processing in Photoshop. It includes a guide to the tools required, examples of different lightpainting styles and how to achieve them and 28 real-world examples where Ben demonstrates how he created specific images.

Use discount code FineArtLightNewsletter to get 20% off, exclusively for Stuck in Customs Newsletter subscribers! This discount expires 9/21/2012.

Vibrant Colors by Varina and Jay Patel is about capturing rich colors directly through your lens. The Patels discuss eight important factors to consider in your search for intense colors -from geology and weather to exposure and white balance. This eBook is strikingly beautiful as well as useful--showcasing the stunning photographic works of the award-winning authors.

Use discount code VibrantColorsNewsletter to get 20% off, exclusively for Stuck in Customs Newsletter subscribers! This discount code expires 9/21/2012.


Want to try HDR? Start with Photomatix!

Photomatix Pro from HDRsoft is an integral part of my HDR processing. If you would like to purchase Photomatix Pro (or get a free trial) be sure to use the Photomatix Coupon Code code "TREYRATCLIFF" at checkout to save some money. You can find the software for Mac or Windows at the HDRSoft website.


Reminder: The Text HDR Tutorial is Always Free!

I keep a completely FREE HDR Tutorial on my website. It is a living document that continues to evolve over the years. It goes over everything you need to get started and is a great introduction to the basics of HDR photography and post processing.


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