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Discover the Art of Photography

In case you haven't heard, I have a new tutorial called Discover the Art of Photography that is tailored to beginning and intermediate level photographers.

Save $50 per person by registering with a friend and become eligible to win a new camera valued at over $1,300! If you win, you and your friend will each receive your choice of a Sony NEX-7, Nikon D7000 or Canon 60D provided by our friends at Adorama!

The webinar is July 31 - Aug 3. You can watch it live or download after they event. Space is limited so register today!

More Amazing Prizes Thanks to Our Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors we will be giving away many amazing prizes! Everyone who registers will be eligible to win!


Helpful New eBooks Now on Flatbooks!

Goals by Christa Laser explains how you can achieve your goals with sufficient planning by knowing yourself, focusing on your journey, and giving yourself clearly-defined, achievable, and measurable tasks. This book will help you dream and will give you resources and tips for reaching all types of goals. This system is based on the one that Christa used since she was a serious child with dreams of a successful career.


Professional Photography Workflow with Aperture gives you a fast, efficient, and easy way to organize your photographs, audio and video by breaking down complex issues into simple decisions that anyone can master.

It all starts with preparing your volumes to have a working space for your digital media, laying the foundation to support your workflow by having resources for import, storage and archival. Using this simple strategy not only helps you organize your photos, but it also protects them in case of loss or damage to your system.


Trey's Variety Hour: Episode 43

This show was a nonstop Q&A for beginner and intermediate photographers.


The Dark Knight Rises and Hans Zimmer

I just pre-ordered The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack on iTunes -- and I'm very, very, very excited! I was in his studio when he was recording part of it. You would not have believed the electronics and machinery that filled his studio to produce the sounds. It looked like he had filled every space with ENIACs and Big Iron sound-mixing machines to create tones that had never before been produced.

I put together this selection of my photography mixed with the music of Hans Zimmer. Be sure to watch in HD and turn up the volume!


Reminder: The Text HDR Tutorial is Always Free!

I keep a completely FREE HDR Tutorial on my website. It is a living document that continues to evolve over the years. It goes over everything you need to get started and is a great introduction to the basics of HDR photography and post processing.


Want to try HDR? Start with Photomatix!

Photomatix Pro from HDRsoft is an integral part of my HDR processing. If you would like to purchase Photomatix Pro (or get a free trial) be sure to use the Photomatix Coupon Code code "TREYRATCLIFF" at checkout to save some money. You can find the software for Mac or Windows at the HDRSoft website.


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Thanks to our Sponsors

Soft Sunset over the Gentle Stream
HDR Photo


Alone in the Death Star
HDR Photo


The Vastness
HDR Photo


Road to the Inn
HDR Photo


A Day of Photography
HDR Photo


Spanish Streets at Night
HDR Photo


Boat on Oahu Beach
HDR Photo