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100 Cameras in 1 Hit 1 Million Downloads!
100 Cameras in 1 for the iPad (iTunes Link) and for the iPhone have passed 1 million downloads!  That's awesome - thanks so much and thanks for telling your friends! We just put up another update that fixed a few problems with rotation and memory issues.  Also, thanks for all the great ratings... I appreciate you taking the time to do those.

New eBook!  10 Photoshop Skills Everyone Should Know
A new one!  I wrote 10 Photoshop Skills Everyone Should Know for "beginners and beyond" because I know how intimidating Photoshop can be to people.  It's full of all kinds of useful stuff to make you more successful (and have more fun!) in Photoshop.  Enjoy!
Amazing New eBook:
Photographing the Fourth Dimension - Time
In case you missed it, we recently published a great new eBook by Jim Goldstein called 'Photographing the Fourth Dimension - Time'.  This book will help you improve your photography and heighten the impact of your photographs by introducing you to numerous slow shutter and video techniques.  This is a unique and amazing book - get it here at!
My Article on GigaOM:
Why e-books will be much bigger than you can imagine
I recently published an article on GigaOM about the e-book business and how it's changing the face of publishing.  The article features a thorough comparison of my experiences in both traditional publishing and e-books, and I talk about why e-books are here to stay.
Big News - New Show to TWiT! 
I'm excited and honored to be taking our show to Leo Laporte's TWiT Network!  I've always been a fan of Leo ever since the days of Screen Savers.  So, this is all totally surreal for me.  His new venture has been a smashing success, and his team has built the proto-network of the future.
What is TWiT Live?  The network now has over 40 hours of live streaming video per week that is viewed by over 4 million people every month.  And maybe we can add a little more steam to that engine with your help.
Be sure to also keep an eye on the Stuck in Customs YouTube Channel to see the latest videos as they go up!
The Text HDR Tutorial is Always Free!
The Free HDR Tutorial is a living document that's evolved over the years.  It goes over everything you need to get started and is a great intro (and our most popular page.)  Check it out here.
Check Out What You Missed!
Have you missed a past issue of the most beautiful newsletter on the Internet?  Well, we've got great news!  We've been saving them all along just for you.

Thanks from Trey! is the photographic work and shared adventures of Trey Ratcliff. Actually, this is Trey writing about this in third person. Both Trey and I appreciate your support very much!

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Old London From Above
HDR Photo

Sailing Away to Akaroa
HDR Photo

Colorful Cambodia
HDR Photo

Gentle Hills and Summer Storm in New Zealand
HDR Photo

The Mighty Ship
HDR Photo

The Yosemite Valley
HDR Photo

London's Times Square
HDR Photo

The Gentle Rays
HDR Photo