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New Review - Tons of Samples!

I have a new review you gotta see. Check out the full PhotoLooks Review. If you want to give it a whirl, there is a free trial. Or if you want to get it and use a coupon code, then use STUCK20 to save some big mulah.

In the review, I call it "Instagram for your Computer" because it can take a relatively uninteresting photo and put it in a very interesting colorspace. Also, it's super-easy to use if you are a beginner, but there are lots of sub-controls if you are a power-user. It's kind of the best of both worlds. Below, I have put a few of my shots that I worked on and then used PhotoLooks for the finishing touches. On the review page, I have a ton more samples so you can get a good feel for the product. Enjoy!

NASA Recap and Video

I feel so lucky to have been invited into one of the innermost circles inside NASA to see the recent space shuttle launch. It was an incredible trip, and I did my best to capture everything as I felt it. It was, of course, a pretty extreme photography situation, but the experience was great. They say experience is what you get when you didn't get what you'd thought you'd get. And that's just what happened.

While there, I holed up in the press room about 3 A.M. or so on the morning of the launch and I did a short video interview that you may enjoy. I have more photos coming soon, of course, but you can see all the NASA photos at that link.

Below is one that I shot that ended up on MSNBC, the Today Show, Gizmodo, Discover Magazine, and hundreds of other places. To me, it feels like a CST Wormhole has opened to another sector of space...

Space Shuttle

More Details on Above Shot

I did a long blog post about how I ended up getting the shot above... and you won't believe the lens I used to get it! To read more, jump to this Space Shuttle Launch blog post.

New Video - Converting PSDs to JPGs

I made a new free video that shows how I convert my PSDs to JPGs and a few reasons behind it. You can see the video right here on the blog.

Join me Live on Tuesday!

On Tuesday, May 31, come watch me on Mostly Photo at The show starts at 1 PM PT. I'll be sort of a host that day, and we'll just be hanging out... talkin' photography and whatnot. Anyway, it's usually a fun show and you may enjoy it!

Free eBook Upgrade!

Did you already buy the bonus version of the Digital Workflow ebook on If so, you should have received an email telling you how to get your free upgrade that includes a high-def 20+ minute video. The ebook wasn't quite a year old, but I wanted to make sure that customers were able to enjoy the upgrade... and this is another nice thing about ebooks, yes? I can always upgrade them as time goes on... can't do that with normal books!

YouTube Partner Channel

Because our videos have been so popular, we've been upgraded to full YouTube Partner status. Be sure to come Subscribe for Free to the Stuck In Customs YouTube channel. Just click that little "Subscribe" button on the top, and then you'll be able to see new videos as soon as they are updated. This also means I can do live events, which sounds kinda cool... I need to think about something fun to do for those. If you have any ideas, leave them there on the YouTube channel page!

New eBook - Tack Sharp

The great James Brandon has written a new eBook for called "Tack Sharp: A Step by Step guide to Nailing Focus." This book is full of all kinds of great suggestions and ideas for your photography. It's written for all levels, and I think you'll get a lot out of it.

James Brandon is one of the authors over at Digital Photography School where he "teaches aspiring photographers to expand their expertise and discover their own photographic niche." That comes from his little bio over there at where you can read more about him. Also, if it helps, I've met and hung out with the guy... so I know he knows what he's talking about.

Video: Art and Business of Photography

I think you guys will really enjoy this interview. Just jump over the the full blog post with the video, and you'll be ready to go.

Here is a bit about what we discussed at different time markers:

Beginning - About the NASA trip

8:15 mark - HDR and some introductory stuff

12:30 mark - Talk about balance of photography, life, and business

28:00 mark - The internet is about to boom.. digital art as a cultural influence... room for us all to grow together.

31:20 mark - Competition and how everyone can win (and, so, it's not really competition)

39:00 mark - Creating photos to be accepted by other photographers and how to use your own unique life experience to create.

48:00 mark - Burning Man and my artistic approach

53:30 mark - Someone in chat asks to see my t-shrt, and then we talk about my future of content creation

Interview with Nikon

A busy month! I was also interviewed by Nikon for their audio podcast. It's a short one, but something else you may enjoy....

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In case you don't follow me on Twitter, then I have assembled some of my most popular tweets below. If you are new to twitter and looking for other good people to follow, see my Great Twitter Lists.

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  • RT @jgfrier: Words of wisdom OH from @TreyRatcliff - "Nobody needs dramatic sheep" *see these pearls of wisdom you guys are missing? hehe
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  • Dang you @Nikon_USA , won't you just integrate a cheap GPS chip into your pro cameras? Don't nickel/dime me with accessories.
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    Docks in Ibiza
    HDR Photo

    The Mighty VAB (Notice the man-sized human in the distant door
    HDR Photo

    The Mega Church
    HDR Photo

    Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe
    HDR Photo

    The Chinese Temple in the Forest
    HDR Photo

    Peaceful Japanese Gardens
    HDR Photo

    Green Slopes
    HDR Photo

    Lantern in Old China
    HDR Photo

    Details in Notre Dame
    HDR Photo

    Clare Grant at the Tweetup
    HDR Photo

    The Post Ranch Inn
    HDR Photo

    The Barcelona Airport
    HDR Photo

    The Golden Horse
    HDR Photo

    The Gaudi Cheesecake Factory
    HDR Photo

    The Gentle Path to the Beyond
    HDR Photo