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HDR How-To on Leo Laporte's new show

I just got back from a 10-day trip all over California. It was awesome -- I'll start by talking about this new photography show that launched on Leo Laporte's huge podcasting network. We have been talking about it forever, and it finally launched. This first one had me, Lisa Bettany, and Leo Laporte.

Do you have any comments or feedback? Would you like me to be on that show more often? Leave comments on the Youtube page!

Trey with Om Malik

Do you guys know Om? He's awesome... Om is a famous journalist that runs and does a myriad of other cool things. When I drove up to San Francisco, we met to have coffee and say hello, and then ended up together for a long time. He was a fan (I still never know what to say when people tell me they are a fan), and I was happy to get to know him a bit.

Om wrote an article called "Now Starring You, in a Movie About You" that you may enjoy. I don't know how we got on this topic, but I pulled up one of my slides that I recently showed during the Adobe talk (that video coming soon). Anyhoo... he found this intriguing...

An Afternoon with Hans Zimmer

You all know of my deep respect and man-love of Hans Zimmer. I don't even really know of a proper way to explain it, other than he is a true inspiration. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was to spend an afternoon with him at his studio in Los Angeles. I was so excited that I ended up writing a long-form story about the day. You can read the full story at "Hans Zimmer in His Studio".

Hans Zimmer Studio Images

New Animoto Review

Want to do something kind of awesome and fun with your photos? Try Animoto! I wrote up a full Animoto Review! I first used it many years ago... and was not so impressed. But now, they've really come a long way. I think you'll like it too.

Austin PhotoWalk at SXSW

Come join and click on Trey's PhotoWalk Details! It's totally free, and it will be a great celebration of photography. You don't need a SXSW badge to join us... we start and end at the beautiful and timeless Driskill. I look forward to seeing you in person!

100 Cameras in 1 - iPad

You heard it here first! After 100 Cameras in 1 hit the top 10 of all paid apps, there was no more question about it. We quickly started making an iPad version. It has all sorts of new features... at least 5 sliders, a new thumbnail system, secret buttons to add an unearthly glow, and more. Even better, you can use all your photos without cropping... We notice most people use the app to process photos already taken, so the iPad is perfect for that. And, well, just in case the iPad has a camera (*I know nothing!* in Hogan's Heroes voice), well then it'll be extra-extra awesome.

Want to test it with us? We'll have a fun contest to have a few internal beta testers soon... so just watch the main site for news on that event.

The EG Conference

There is more info on the EG Conference website, and I think there is a pretty good chance they will be recording a video that I can share here after the event.

I'm excited about this thing - it should be a blast! See that Freeman Dyson is going to be there?