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Holidays! Tips! Videos! Free Themes! Interviews! More!

Happy holidays everyone! I put together a special newsletter here full of first looks, tips, and other stuff that I hope inspires you to do some cool things over the holidays. We have a first look at a crazy interview, pretty photos and tips, free Google Chrome themes, and some important things you might have missed.

And buried at the end of the newsletter, for you last-minute Christmas shoppers, I included some good discounts on fun products. So if you're looking for a good deal, scroll down there past all the other content for your fix!

Crazy Interview with Student

I get so many of these requests that it is mindboggling -- but I finally decided to do one. I told the gal ahead of time to come up with some unique questions. I didn't mean for her to come up with so many... but, anyway, there are all kinds of stuff discussed!

See the YouTube Video of Part 1 here. After that, you can see all the other parts on Vimeo... So, if you want to see more after the YouTube one, you can visit the full interview on Vimeo.

What did we discuss? What didn't we discuss???
  • The business side of Stuck In Customs
  • What my wife does (and other personal questions... *ahem)*
  • My thoughts on Getty licensing and what a RIP OFF model they have
  • My thoughts on micro-stock photography (I'm sure people won't like what I say)
  • My thoughts on contests and judges and how silly contests can be
  • My thoughts on using a lot of lights in your photos and what happens by accident
  • And a bunch of other BS. But - well... all kinds of stuff... hehe.

Christmas Photo Tips

You know how every Christmas your family hauls the same old decorations out of the garage and sets them up? Yes, yes, you know what I mean. That sorry-looking sleigh that's somewhat mangled but you can only see if you look close... that tiny Santa that is kind of scary when you see it at night while getting a midnight snack... yes all that stuff.

Anyway, take it upon yourself to run around with your camera and take nice shots of each and every little thing. Get in tight on one bit of it. Don't worry about capturing the WHOLE THING in the frame like you are a police photographer at a crime scene. Get in there close on a detail or something that is of interest. You might thank me in 10 or 20 years when all that stuff is gone forever.

Featured on Flipboard!

Stuck In Customs has been specially chosen to be featured on Flipboard on Christmas week! Do you know about Flipboard? It's the most amazing magazine-with-tricks for the iPad. It's totally free, and so is the Stuck In Customs channel. Each of those little blurbs actually is built out of my tweets automatically. Also, you can click on the blurb to zoom in and see even more. It's really quite genius!

New Video! Tokyo Dream

I released another "Stuck In Motion" video called "The Moments Between - Tokyo Dream". Come watch and enjoy!

I have 2 more videos like this I will be releasing in the next two months. I enjoy making them, obviously!

Free Google Chrome Themes!

We put together a bunch of very pretty new Google Chrome Themes on the site for you. You are welcome to grab them - all free!

Video Interview in Queenstown

You can come watch Part 1 of the Queenstown Interview that is available now. There is also a part 2 that talks more in depth about various topics like putting yourself on a daily schedule of photography and what kind of superpower I would choose.

#5 in App Store on Day 1!

Wow! Thanks everyone for getting our iPhone app 100 Cameras in 1 to spot #5 in the App Store for photography on the first day! That's crazy-good. I hope you are having a great time.

And thanks for those that gave good reviews! We need more, frankly! This appeals to exactly the audience I intended -- those that want a lot of creative photo-freedom in a simple, easy-to-use interface that is clean and fun.

And more great news, a feature-rich update has already been submitted to the app store. We're just waiting on approval, but here is a sneak preview of all the goodies that are coming next!
  • Option to disable sound & music
  • Adding option to dramatically increase resolution in cropping phase for each iPhone model (e.g. for iPhone 4, which is 2592