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80 Days Around the World

I've just gotten back from an 80-day around the world trip. What was it like? It's very hard to explain... it's like boiling the ocean to explain it briefly.

It started in Burning Man then went all over Europe, into China for a month, and then New Zealand before heading back home. The only thing that stayed with me was my wits and my luggage. Luckily, I'm the sort of person that craves adventure and new experiences, so that continued to feel me energy even though there are many bad things about that sort of trip. I was away from family for much of it, but not all of it (they met me at various points.)

Frankly, I still don't know what to think of it all. I'm still in sort of a "settle down" mode now, and I'm doing some post-game analysis. I find that working on my photos from the trip (I took over 24,000) has been very interesting. It's taken me back to almost each and every moment and helped me remember little bits here and there. There are those weird fleeting moments that you don't mean to recall, but you can't help it. Tiny bits like the sliding door on my van in Beijing...sliding open... always sending in a blast of cold pollution... strange birds that followed me around the Li River... filling my pockets with grain-bars before going out at 5 AM in New Zealand to see the sunrise... in many ways, it's just a collection of thousands of insignificant events. But I'm still working through it all, and I'll continue to share it on the blog in the daily photo...

Trey Ratcliff

Thanksgiving Surprise! HDR Video Tutorial - Downloadable!

I'm happy to release this finally! We now have a "Downloadable" version of the HDR Workshop DVDs. Grab it at the HDR Video Tutorial page!

The DVDs have been a great success, but they are kind of a pain in today's world to burn, package, and mail out all over creation. The DVDs are still available, of course, and there is some extra content on those. Also, frankly, because the DVDs and our support team involved with getting to locations is so expensive, it was hard for us to get below a $100 price.

I know this lower price is important to many people on a budget, and I wanted to make it available just in time for the holidays. Enjoy!

HDR Photo

New How-To-Video from Eden's Farm in New Zealand

Want to see some behind-the-scenes from the shot below? Visit "On Eden's Farm" on the blog to see the 9 minute work.

Eden Brackstone was kind enough to invite my family out to his farm in New Zealand for a fabulous home-cooked meal and a bit of HDR. Well, we didn't know if there would be any photography involved... but I came prepared. After dinner, we looked outside and saw the most incredible clouds. I got my rig to set up, and Eden got his camera to record the event and ask me some questions. I hope you enjoy!

HDR Photo

Working on the Nikon 28-300 Lens Review

This new lens came out in the middle of my 80-day-around the world trip, and I could not wait to get it! So, I had to suck it up and pay extra to buy it in New Zealand, where there seems to be about a 40% markup. Infuriating! Anyway, I got the lens and I love it! I've started putting together a Nikon 28-300 Review page, and you can have a quick look there. As usual, I will add to the review as I discover more and more about the lens. Enjoy!

Video Interview in China

I have a two-part video interview in China where I answered all sorts of interesting questions. Come see Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview over on the blog!

New Video: The Green Pool of New Zealand

I usually don't release so many videos, but I am happy to bring you a bunch with this newsletter! Go check out the behind-the-scenes of the Green Pool in New Zealand. I hope you get something out of it... there is a tip in there for shooting landscapes with wide-angle-lenses.

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