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HDR London Workshop - Sold out in 24 Hours!

This newsletter has gotten so popular that I can hardly believe it! Thanks everyone... Sorry we can't have more workshops that can satisfy everyone -- but that DVD should be much more scalable than me physically moving around from one location to another. Anyway, thanks again! I appreciate all the enthusiasm!

We will still have a Free PhotoWalk in London on Friday, Sep 10th, so get ready for that. Details to come soon on the site!

JetSetter - A new travel offering

Have you ever heard of I started using it about a month ago, and I can vouch for it! I used it to get a hotel in London for my upcoming workshop and photowalk there. I also used it to get a hotel in Ibiza, Spain in September (where I'll be going topless, btw).

It's free to sign up, and then they send you emails with links to "expiring" deals on hotels around the world. It's pretty cool... and the deals are great. I'm staying at these pretty posh places for a fraction of the normal cost. The downsides are: 1) the hotel may not be available when you are 2) it's hard to plan trips proactively whilst waiting for a "deal" to magically appear in your email 3) they send you a few emails a week. But the upsides are good enough where I stay subscribed. I know a few of the other people that are doing the workshop with me also used to get their London hotels... so it is spreading nicely! It's one of those new "insider" web 2.0 things.

My Hollywood Adventure

I recently put up a long-form story about how I ended up with Hollywood agent at CAA. Since this is a personal blog, I thought everyone might enjoy hearing about the whole experience. I also shared about 20 new photos from the day I spent there.


I wonder if the designer of this classic sign had any idea how famous it might become some day.


The paparazzi are out in full force, scoping out the key locations. They look at me strangely with my big camera...they haven't seen me around before and there is some alpha-male paparazzi posturing.

Painting - Yellowstone on Fire

Did you all know I released a painting of sorts? It's another experiment... but, it seems to be generally well-received, and I wanted to share it with you in case you missed the event! This is not for sale or anything... just something to enjoy on the web. See more on the "Yellowstone on Fire" page.

HDR Photo

Two Guest Bloggers!

The site has recently hosted two guest bloggers. I invite you to come read about them and see their work!

Brian Matiash's Guest Blog Post - Brian is a fellow HDR Photographer and he specialized in a wonderful splinter that loosely goes by the category of "Grunge" or "Urbex". He has some sample photos, his thoughts, and more.

Mark Moffett's Guest Blog Post - Mark is a very cool and different guy that I had the pleasure of spending a few days with in Montana. He's one of the world's foremost experts on ants, and he's an incredible ant/bug/frog/creepy-crawly photographer too!

Rackspace Review

I put up a new "Rackspace Review" on the site that talks a little about our backend hosting solution. We switched about 2 months ago or so, and now I have some experience under my belt to share with you!

Beyond that, I get a lot of questions related to "How Do You Run The Website"??? Well, I made an "About This Site" page that talks all about some of the back-end stuff. I have a lot of people and service that help, of course! They are all listed there.

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  • Oh Comic Sans, you were my first HTML 1.0 girlfriend. I dumped you long ago., so stop showing up by "accident" in my inbox. It's over.
  • New Photos from the past month

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    The Long Road Home
    HDR Photo

    The Mountain Storms of Time
    HDR Photo

    Mountainstorm -- This was taken 2 years before the photo above, in the winter
    HDR Photo

    The Hover Car in the Diamond Age
    HDR Photo

    The Park Through the Sky
    HDR Photo

    The Sheep and the Lonely House
    HDR Photo

    Exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art
    HDR Photo

    The Valley To Forever
    The Valley to Forever

    River to the Maelstrom
    HDR Photo

    Horses on an Evening Meadow

    HDR Photo