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I believe you have wonderful photos in your collection, and all you need is a good "system" to keep your workflow in order.

To see more, visit the new Stuck In Customs eBooks page on the site! For newsletter subscribers, these are now available for early purchase and immediate download!

For the past few months, I've been working on this new eBook. It's very cool -- a very detailed description of a best-of-breed digital workflow. Are you starting to feel like your digital photos are a little unorganized? I've put together a great system for you!

It comes in two versions. Just pop over to the eBook page to check them out.
Digital Workflow

New Age of Publishing - Share in the profits with me!

As you guys know, I have a best-selling book called "A World in HDR" with a traditional publisher. That was a great experience, but we are now experimenting with digital publishing.

I would rather have YOU share in the success of the books instead of Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc. For this reason, we have a new Affiliate program. How does it work? It's very simple. You sign up for free and then you get a special link that you can use to recommend products on your blog, your FB page, or wherever. When people click on that link, you get a percentage of each sale. It doesn't cost the customer any more money at all... just a little way for us to say thank you.

As you know, we offer some very unique products in a world where everything gets homogenized... Anyway, the Affiliate program may be an interesting option for you!

New Artsy Video from Japan!

Good news! I just released a new video that you will love. You will! It's one of my favorites... and is quite different than most videos you might have seen.

See the new video on the Stuck In Motion page on the site. I hope this gives you some creative ideas about doing something similar... or... if not, I just hope you enjoy it!

The other piece of good news is that I've discovered a new Casio camera that is 1/5 of the previous one. The first camera I used to accomplish some of these slo-mo scenes was $1,000. The one I used in that video was only about $200.


Guest Blog From Wylie Maercklein

I like to have occasional Guest Bloggers to bring interesting artists to a new audience. The most recent was a great photographer named Wylie Maercklein (click that to read the guest blog post). You all will really enjoy his work... it's got a unique style to it. Enjoy!

My Memory Cards Failed!

If you guys keep up with my histrionic tweets, then you may remember when my memory cards recently failed in New Zealand and Japan. I was beside myself! Many Twitter friends recommended Hoodman.. and they were right! I've got all their stuff now -- see my Hoodman Review to find out more. You probably already have some cards... but when you are ready to get some more, check them out.

Migration to new servers finally complete

Thanks to you all telling friends and family, the site has gotten super-popular! We had to move to new servers to handle the load. Now we are inside the Rackspace Cloud Servers, and you should detect quite a speed increase! If you notice any little problems here or there, please let me know and we'll do our best to get them solved!

HDR DVD still in the works...

I've been previewing bits and pieces of it while it comes together... it will be great. Sorry it has taken so long, but we are really trying hard to make this a very high-quality product. I know there are thousands and thousands of people that want this, and I don't want to disappoint! We should have many hours of details footage that show the exact steps I go through in Photomatix and Photoshop to create these images.

Going to Burning Man?

Me too! In fact, I'm going to lead a PhotoWalk there one night. I hope you can come! More details before the event... We'll have to be careful and be sure to get permission before we take photos of certain things. But, I'm not too worried about getting in trouble - we'll be cool and smart, right? Yes ! :)

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    Under the Docks in California

    Hearst Castle in San Simeon

    Hearst Castle

    Tokyo Girl in the Rain


    The Lincoln Memorial

    The Lonely Church


    The Edge of Chile


    The Mysterious Moeraki Boulders