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New Wallpapers for the iPad!

To coincide with the release of the iPad, I put together 15 great wallpapers to make the iPad more pretty. They were even mentioned on MacBreak Weekly and Leo Laporte was using one! There are two places to set up pretty backgrounds on your iPad - the "Lock Screen" and the Background behind your apps. Enjoy!

Early Look at Two New Videos, just for Newsletter Subscribers

I sometimes carry around a handy little video camera with me to grab some behind-the scenes stuff. While in New Zealand, I made several of these videos, and I wanted to give you the first look at two of them!

The first is from a valley of unbelievable beauty in New Zealand. It was waaaay down in the South Island near Milford Sound at sunset. See the The Valley of Abundance Video here.

The second video is from the north island when I visited The Shire, which Lord of the Rings fans will recognize as the home of the Hobbits. I had a quick conversation with fellow HDR photographer Ian Brodie, who also happens to be one of the main guys that organizes events around The Shire! He offered to give my family and I a private behind-the-scenes tour of the place... it was great! See The Shire Video here.

Video - Behind the Scenes in the Shire

Video - The Valley of Abundance

One Week Discount JUST for Newsletter Subscribers

The Textures Tutorial is available for immediate download! It's also newly available in DVD as well if you don't want to download.

The Stuck In Customs Textures Tutorial is a great product and people always love it! The high-end one even comes with 150 unique textures in addition to two extra videos (along with the hour-long video that the other packages include).

Use the discount code "STUCKINNEWSLETTER" and receive 20% of ANY package. This code only lasts ONE WEEK. Below is a recent photo from Kyoto with an extreme textures treatment... You can click through to see the full size!

New for Newsletter Subscribers, Snow Monkeys!

Holy cow I had an amazing time in Japan. I was determined to get up into the mountains to find and take photos of the incredible Snow Monkeys. It was not easy getting there -- but after I arrived, I spent two days with these guys. It was an incredible experience, but the bad part was is that I forgot my special cold-weather photographer-gloves! Between you and me, I would not have minded an extra pair of long underwear, either.

I've already released one photo of the snow monkeys, but I wanted to give you guys an early look at the next two. I included them down below in that long chain of recent and classic photos that helps make the newsletter pretty.

Can you do me a favor and forward the email to your friends and family? It's because of you that we have such a huge readership... So, I'll keep working hard to get great photos if you keep helping to spread the good word! Do we have a deal? Thanks! hehe...

New Video of the Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto

After landing in Osaka, I took a bus to Kyoto and jumped out immediately with my Nikon D3S (see my Nikon D3S Review) to take shoot a new video. I did this very quickly - only in the first 24 hours. The Kyoto Cherry Blossom season is famous around the world, and I hope this little video helps to show why!

See the Kyoto Cherry Blossom Video here.

Ethan Gets His First Camera

A Short Little Family Video -- Sometimes people ask for some "personal" behind-the-scenes stuff... so here is one... While in Auckland, I gave Ethan my LX1 Camera. I let him borrow it for a week, and if he could take enough good photos, then it could be "unlocked", and he could keep it forever. And, he did!

Where I Want To Go Next

I have no immediate plans for this, but after seeing this amazing set of photos, I simply must go to the Shanghai World Expo! Yes, you'll see what I mean! This year is booked with several trips to Iceland, London, Disneyworld, France, and Germany -- but after seeing this, I'd love to figure out a way to squeeze in Shanghai too!

So, if any of you are going to this big event in China, drop me a note on the blog!

Upcoming London Workshop

Yes yes it is coming... Fall of 2010. More info soon. I get a lot of emails about this. We will announce registration well in advance via newsletter and on the stay tuned! We are working with a local photographer on securing the venue before any announcements are made.

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    The Snow Monkey Reflects

    A Gentle Kiss in the Hot Tub

    Sleeping Snow Monkeys

    The Streets of Tokyo (Also featured on the front page of Gizmodo)

    The Mafia Car

    Under the Cherry Blossoms

    Across the Valley

    The Geothermal Activity in Rotorua

    Hans Zimmer's Piano

    The Apple Cube in New York City

    Under the Ancient Sky

    The Green Stones of Patagonia

    Sunset in Argentina

    The Dock to Forever

    Six Girls Getting Meat in New Zealand

    Amazing Rainbow at Mirror Lake

    Alone at Sunset

    The Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk

    Floating Through the Temple

    The Voice of God