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Experiment: Anyone in my network know Hans Zimmer? (please forward to someone that "might" know him)

Some of you may know how much I like Hans Zimmer and his music (in fact I have one of his playlists up). I have an interesting project in mind that he is perfect for... and he would love it because it is unique and unforeseen. If I was only friends with Kevin Bacon, this would be easier, but with the size of this network, maybe I am just one or two degrees from Hans.

So, I'd like to do an experiment I saw referenced in one of Malcolm Gladwell books where letters got forwarded around until they found their destination in just a few network jumps. If you know someone that "might" know Hans Zimmer, perhaps someone in the music industry, someone in Santa Barbara where is studio is, or something like this, then please forward this on. Say, "I'm trying to help my friend Trey do something amazing and secret with Hans Zimmer. I don't know what it is, but I know it will be awesome!"

Stuck in Customs now on the Kindle!

Do you have a Kindle? Come get the blog on your Kindle Version to get a daily fresh delivery to your little white flat friend. Note that I call it a little white flat friend, and that is not an official marketing tagline of Amazon, Inc.

Interview on This Week in Photography

The most popular show in the world of photography is called TWIP (This Week in Photography). I had a long-form interview very recently with the host, Frederick Van. Besides discussing the controversy around HDR, we talked about licensing images, huge photos on blogs, and you, the community!

You can listen to the full thing on Frederick Van's blog. Also, you can hang out on his blog there a bit - he has good content and has even launched his own newsletter!

Book sold out on Amazon in USA, UK, Canada, and Australia!

The book "A World in HDR" is really exceeding everyone's expectations - especially my own! I think I always underestimate how exciting all this stuff is. Most of the Amazon stores have since restocked, so everything is flowing again. See the "Amazon Sold Out" post there. Thanks again everyone - I can't tell you how much it means to me that you all are so interested in this stuff!

Can I be so bold as to ask YOU to write a review? I would appreciate it! Write the Amazon Review here.

Photowalks in New Zealand, Sunnyvale (Stanford) and San Clemente!

My upcoming trip to New Zealand approaches, and with it, I have planned a Photowalk in Auckland. I would also like to do one on the south Island in Christchurch, but I need a little local organizer-friend to help me out, just like I do in the North with Vivian. You can find out all the info on my I'm Coming to New Zealand! page.

On Feb 4th, at 4 PM, we will have a Photowalk at Stanford, right in between San Francisco and San Jose. Even better, after the walk at 5:30, I'll be giving a talk! All are welcome to attend. We are meeting at The Oval on the Stanford campus.

Just before that, on January 17th, I'll be having a photowalk in San Clemente, right near LA. I have a treasured fan that lent me full access to his beach house while I am there, so I thought I'd go ahead and have a photowalk that starts on the pier. Full details on the San Clemente Photowalk page. The Photowalk is kindly sponsored by Bay Photo.

Nikon D3S Review with new Video!

I always try to find something big and special to offer newsletter subscribers, since you are now deep inside the inner sanctum. So, with this one, I wanted to point you to the just-released Nikon D3S Review Preview. Now, my reviews are normally a bit different than most. I get out there and use the equipment in a very practical way. I'm just a normal dude that really likes this stuff. I talk about it in a very practical manner and show a lot of sample photos. I hope you enjoy it!

d3s review (4 of 4)

Here is my daughter in downtown Tampa.