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Amazon sold out in two countries, Reviews rolling in!

The book "A World in HDR" is finally rolling out of stores and getting in the hands of you crazed (and awesome!) fans! I can't thank you enough!

A few early reviews are rolling into Amazon, where you can go have a look for yourself! I do humbly ask that you also go give a review after you drink in the book for a while. I hope you are impressed -- a great review is really important. From the stats, 80% of the people that visit that page end up buying the book - that is incredible, and I thank you for your support!

I know we have a ton of fans from the UK, and that resulted in the Amazon UK store being sold out. And then I heard the one in Canada was also sold out. Let's hope they have a chance to re-stock ASAP! Again, thank you!

Book shots (23 of 26)

Book shots (12 of 26)

Win a free Drobo!

It will take you about 30 seconds to enter this contest, but do it fast! It ends on Monday the 21st at midnight! All you have to do is add a comment to this post on the Drobo Contest.

$50 off Holiday Special for the Textures Tutorial!

Looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for a loved one (or a loved one like yourself)? The Textures Tutorial is now on sale with the code "STUCKNEWSLETTER" which will get you $50 off any of the packages. These are unique fine-art textures from around the world. The Ultimate package comes with 150 textures, so it will really be an amazing set of assets for your arsenal. Also, all the packages come with a nice hour-long video from me showing you exactly how to use them.

Also, of course, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, so there is zero risk. We will keep this special open only during the holidays, so act fast!

We've had a ton of customers buy the Basic package, and they loved it so much, they upgraded to the Ultimate package. That's great! I'm glad so many of you are enjoying this stuff!

Stuck In Customs Textures Poster

A big Guest Blog article on Scott Kelby's site

I wrote a piece over at Scott Kelby's blog entitled "Being an artist sucks. Being an artist is awesome." It ended up creating a lot of controversy! You guys can see the comments below the article if you like some good heated debate... Actually, the debate had nothing to do with the article itself! There's just a few haters out there. You know how it goes...

Limited Edition Numbered Series Prints

We have completely changed the way We Sell Prints, and now we only sell Limited Edition Numbered Series prints. So, each one is a collector's item and will grow in value over time. Also, you can be assured that each one is special.

Even better, they start at a very affordable price! Only $99 for a basic fine art paper print, and then it ratchets up from there if you want a giant canvas in your home. We certainly have something for every taste, every color scheme, and more. Starting out, we only have 20 of the best available. Every week we will be release one more print into the lot.

The Prints

I'm coming to New Zealand - Get ready my Kiwi peeps!

You guys in New Zealand are awesome. I can't believe the disproportionate number of people we have as fans from there. When I look at the logs, it's always off the chart. I can't figure out why this is, although my intuition tells me that you already know what a beautiful world this is, since you live in a spectacular place. I gather you take none of it for granted.

Do you have suggestions on where I should go and what I should see? Cone drop some advice and/or comments on the I'm Coming to New Zealand! page I just made! I have always wanted to come to New Zealand -- and I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

I'm thinking about doing a photowalk while there. Perhaps, also, if I have time, maybe even a 2-day workshop for a very limited number of people. I like to have a lot of one-on-one time. But, again, nothing planned... Drop me a note on the page above if you are interested -- also if you can help out with on-the-ground logistics!

Below is a map of newsletter subscribers - you can see how red-hot New Zealand is. At least, I mean, the part without sheep.

Newsletter Subs

Chicago Party, Saturday evening, January 2nd, Hotel Sax

Are you in the Chicago area? Come join me for the book party! Note, you don't have to buy a book - just come stop by so I can shake your hand and we can hang out! There will be many nice photographers and other good people to meet there... don't be shy... just come on down! :) See the Chicago party details here.

Chicago Party

New Free Video about shooting the Grand Prismatic in Yellowstone

This is a nice instructional video of how I shot a strange geological formation in Yellowstone called the Grand Prismatic. You can see the video here. Enjoy!

See those two tiny vertical dots on the path at the top? Those are people! It gives you an idea of the scale spring!

The Grand Prismatic and how-to video

Facebook Wall Chat Live TODAY (Monday, Dec 21)

It starts today at 1:00 pm PST. We have all the details on on this recent post.

Workshop with Scott Bourne in Tampa, Florida

I am very excited about the HDR Workshop with Scott Bourne. It is scheduled for Jan 16 and Jan 17. It will be a fun-filled weekend. If you are in that area, I hope you can come see me!

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Some of my recent Tweets that maybe you missed!

My Twitter strategy is to try to balance 33% sharing inspirational links to other artists, 33% links to my latest work or announcements, and 33% connecting people with one another. Oh, and 1% WILDCARD! I am not sure I always get this balance, but it is my goal!

If you follow me on Twitter or are a member of the Facebook Fan Club, then you see a steady stream of the items below. I've selected some of the best from the recent past for your consideration...

  • OMG... you gotta see this - the Most Beautiful Subway Stations in the world - LINK
  • You'll think I'm crazy. But this 70-minute review of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is awesome! LINK
  • A friend shot this pic of me at 5 AM yesterday, shooting the sunrise in the desert. it was 25 degrees F! LINK
  • Did you see the new portfolio page that @Smugmug did for me? Thanks @CandiCunningham ! LINK
  • I really had to ReTweet my own Tweet about this Tweety Bird Photography website AMAZING LINK
  • RT @eugenephotoblog: These are awesome! Ten science tricks you can perform at a party (video): LINK
  • RT @scottwyden: A Photographers Interview with Trey Ratcliff *Thanks for the interview Scott! :) LINK
  • Incredible and unique art from Kate D. MacDowell LINK
  • RT @CaliLewis: A new magazine concept * Amazing design from Jack Schulze, Matt Jones and more! I like those guys! LINK
  • Can everyone on twitter PLEASE stop tweeting for, like, one hour while I focus on some other things? Jeez.
  • Come explore interesting HDR artists at - Click Register for new hints on getting invite codes #hdr LINK
  • Look at what this "Pancake Artist" has done. Yes, you read that right. LINK
  • When Scientologists die, L. Ron Hubbard makes them take an exit survey.
  • I'll be Live on CBS at 4 PM CST... so if you are in Austin, flip it on and look for the secret-hand-gesture.
  • We consume 34 gigabytes of Information per day - pie chart - LINK
  • We decorated the tree last night. This morning, my 4-year-old girl, crying, "Santa Clause got-for to come!!!" (She always reverses forgot)
  • Oh wow... here is a really great Christmas photo on Flickr from Just.jane - LINK
  • To see great photos from various artists on the web and view the winners of the Twitter Contests for the new book -... LINK
  • Interesting story about two prominent physicists - The Higgs-Boson particle does not want to be found LINK
  • RT @photoblggr: Delicious Cupcake Examples LINK
  • My 3 year-old daughter woke up crying: "I wanted to make a birdie house for them, but the birdies wouldn't tell me how!"
  • Some new shots and some classics - enjoy!!

    As always, if you want to know more about the descriptions, circumstances, and little stories, feel free to jump over to the main blog at and read your heart out! :)

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    The Edge of Glacier National Park at Sunrise
    The Edge of Glacier National Park at Sunrise

    Guarding the Portal, Agra, India
    Guarding the Portal

    Chicago from a Chopper
    Chicago from a Chopper

    A Morning at the Secret Lake, Patagonia, Argentina
    A Morning at the Secret Lake

    The Harleyfest on 6th Street, Austin
    The Harleyfest on 6th Street - Do People See the World Differently?

    The edges of the Flatiron, New York City
    The edges of the Flatiron

    Finding Dinner in the Alleys of Kyoto
    Finding Dinner in the Alleys of Kyoto

    Chihuly is awesome
    Chihuly is awesome

    The Secret Underground of Iceland
    The Secret Underground of Iceland

    The Sunset of Your Childhood, DisneyWorld
    The Sunset of Your Childhood

    The Calm After the Storm, Palm Beach
    The Calm After the Storm

    Winterscream, Iceland

    Impressions of Paris
    Impressions of Paris