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Alert - Join me Thursday night for a Live Video Chat!

On Thursday, November 19th, at 7 PM CST (5 PM PST), we will be having a book pre-release video chat! I'll be up there in video along with Sara Jane Todd from Peachpit (the company publishing the book). All of you can participate in the chat beneath, and I'll do my best to answer all the questions that pop up!

I will also be announcing the dates for the three big launch parties in New York, Chicago, and Austin, so be sure to have your calendar ready!

If you hang out after the chat, I'll open it up so anyone can be on video. I think TinyChat allows up to 12 video streams at the same time... so it should be a good way for everyone to get to know one another!

A new free tutorial for you!

Well, I am not sure "tutorial" is the right word, but I did explain how I did everything with that "Stuck In Motion" video. I think it's a really fun technique and I hope you have a great time with it! Everything including hardware and the necessary steps are laid out on the page for you. Enjoy!

Facebook Fan Club

Come join the Facebook Fan page and you can stay apprised of the latest. A very nice community is growing there too, and I would like to add to it even more! I don't always have time to send out a newsletter, so for quick bits that you will find interesting, that's a great place.

HDR Workshop - Sold out, but a DVD coming soon!

Thanks again for your interest in the HDR Workshop. We set the pricing at $999 and every seat sold out in just 11 minutes! That is very exciting, and I know we will have a great time learning some amazing things together.

There will be an HDR DVD made of the Workshop. It'll be great! I know most of you won't be able to make it to the closed-door session, so just stay tuned for that... it should be out some time after the event.

New Yellowstone behind-the-scenes video up.

I recently put up a new video of how I shot three HDRs in Yellowstone. I have another, slightly longer video coming uo when I release the book about how I took another shot at Grand Prismatic. If you like these videos, let me know, and I'll do more!

New York Times article

There was a recent article in the New York Times about HDR Photography and Stuck In Customs. Go give it a read and be sure to give them your opinion! They have an open commenting system, and I am sure they would like to hear your opinion as much as I would!

This Week in Photography

If you missed me on This Week in Photography and would like to listen to the podcast, just visit the TWIP log. If you enjoyed it, drop the team there a comment!

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Some of my recent Tweets that maybe you missed!

My Twitter strategy is to try to balance 33% sharing inspirational links to other artists, 33% links to my latest work or announcements, and 33% connecting people with one another. Oh, and 1% WILDCARD! I am not sure I always get this balance, but it is my goal!

Those of you that are with me on Twitter or Facebook see these come in irregular patterns... But here are some of the best, all in one spot. I hope each link is time well spent for you!

  • The most awesome thing I have seen this life. Let's have our next adventure photo workshop ON THIS! LINK
  • This is really funny. LSD and the No-hitter LINK
  • Here is an incredible image from @ded - #photog THANKS @aboutrc for recommending him!! LINK See his full blog here.
  • Hehe - funny photo website: "My Parents Were Awesome" #photog see pgs 2 & 3 LINK
  • Central Market has more than its quota of Austin hippies today.
  • 21 million served! We just hit 21 million views on Flickr! THANKS you guys! LINK
  • Here is the strangest Carl Sagan Music Video you will see today: LINK
  • 5 Great Twitter Contests" So far, "The Michelle" is winning! #photog LINK

  • Some new shots and some classics - enjoy!!

    As always, if you want to know more about the descriptions, circumstances, and little stories, feel free to jump over to the main blog at and read your heart out! :)

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    The River Runs Through the Andes
    The River Runs Through the Andes

    Exploring Kyoto at Night
    Exploring Kyoto at Night

    A View from the Ranch in Argentina
    A View from the Ranch in Argentina and Guest Hosting on This Week in Photography

    Where the Sky is Torn Asunder
    Where the Sky is Torn Asunder

    Crossing the Bridge into Old Lyon
    Crossing the Bridge into Old Lyon

    Zipping Through Tokyo
    Zipping Through Tokyo

    Not titled
    10 Principles of Beautiful Photography

    Sometimes it's fun to be impractical
    Sometimes it's fun to be impractical

    Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite - L'H