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  • Newsletter #2 - HDR video about a photo taken in Yellowstone
  • Newsletter #1 - the inaugural newsletter featuring an artist that paints my photos...

Announcement - Join me LIVE on This Week in Photography!

There is a video live broadcast on on Monday at 11 AM PST (1 PM CST), November 9. That's really soon! Tune in and find out about the techniques behind those Stuck In Motion videos. Here is a recent post I made about it where you can check the status of the show, in case of problems or last-minute link changes. I received a number of requests for exclusives on the "reveal", which is one of those weird words I thought was reserved for makeover shows. Oh yes, I also got a makeover. (no I didn't).

If you miss the live show, the TWIP Podcast will be downloadable on Wednesday, Nov 11. That one will be audio-only, with no view of the Stuck Compound.

Book Launch Parties - New York City, Chicago, and Austin!

Hey wow! Let's meet! I'd really enjoy the opportunity to shake your hand and say hello!

The book "A World in HDR" launches in December. The whole press release with all the details is coming soon, but, in the meantime, we are planning three launch parties... so get ready!

The Austin Launch Party will be December 9th at 6 PM. Mark it down! It will be part of the 12 Days of Driskill annual celebration. We'll be meeting there at the Driskill and there will be many great things going on. Besides signing books (you may be able to buy one too if you did not get a guaranteed one with a pre-order), I will give a short (20 min) talk about some of the new photos in the book. Also, you are free to come even if you are not getting a book! I don't care about that... just come join us and have fun!

The New York City and Chicago launch parties will be right around that time too. Stay tuned to the blog for the latest announcements there. Also, if you join the Facebook Fan Club, we can use "Events" to make sure everyone is properly invited!

Also, and this is very cool, we will also have a photowalk INSIDE the Driskill, which will be richly decorated for the holidays, as usual. The person that takes the BEST photograph will have it grace the cover of the famous annual Driskill Christmas Card. Cool!

Workshop Registration, be there at 12 midnight CST sharp!

Registration for the HDR Workshop will open just after midnight CST on Friday, Nov 13th (the midnight between Thurs and Fri, if you get midnight-confused!). From the responses at the HDR Workshop announcement, I think we could have over 100 people there, but there will only be slots for 12 or so.

Hurry and Follow and Get on our Twitter Lists!

Be sure to Follow and get on these amazing Twitter Lists! I think there is a limit to how many people I can put on the Stuck In Customs Community List, so please get on there ASAP and recommend people. Recommend yourself too - so I can easily find and add you. There is a link there to make recommendations!

The Moments Between, Episode 2: The Kids

The new video is up at this post on the blog. I hope it gives you some ideas on how to add a new and fun element to your family videos!

Kiva Announcement

Very soon, I'll be releasing a new video on our Kiva page all about how and why you can join Team Stuck In Customs!

International pre-orders now available!

As promised, now we have a lot more options for International Orders! Just check the page for "A World in HDR" for more details. Why not Australia yet? I don't know. Unacceptable I say, especially because I am soon headed to that part of the world (well, New Zealand, at least).

Some of my recent Tweets that maybe you missed and would enjoy...

Those of you that are with me on Twitter or Facebook see these come in irregular patterns over the month... But here are some of the best, all in one spot. I hope each link is time well spent for you!

  • Incredible photos of Mars. Really. Incredible. LINK
  • Here is a great HDR made yesterday by @aboutrc - check out the large one!LINK
  • Cool - you guys gotta see it... check out Woopra on today's post: #hdr #photog - what do you think? LINK
  • You all should follow @CaliLewis because of THIS interview (you can tell a lot about a person by their laugh) LINK
  • Did anyone release a great photo today that I can ReTweet for ya? (I'll pick a random one!)
  • *Here is the one I chose: RT @MarkK_NJ: @TreyRatcliff...Well, this one for me. Bombay: LINK
  • RT @abduzeedo: If you like illustrations check out all posts about that on abduzeedo at - amazing stuff!! LINK
  • Wow! A MUST see! Amazing art for your Friday! Old Japan - animated stereoviews - LINK
  • I gave my son a new book. "Have a great adventure!" I said. Looking at the book, smiling, he slowly went up the stairs.
  • Wow. Here is an incredible image of a girl from New Zealand photographer Ross Brown: LINK

  • Some new shots and some classics - enjoy!!

    As always, if you want to know more about the descriptions, circumstances, and little stories, feel free to jump over to the main blog at and read your heart out! :)

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    The Secret Spots in Tokyo
    The Secret Spots in Tokyo

    The Alien Garden I Found on that Away Mission
    The Alien Garden I Found on that Away Mission

    The Crimson before the Party
    The Crimson before the Party

    The Setting Sun and the Farm
    The Setting Sun and the Farm

    Alone in Winter, Against the World...
    Alone in Winter, Against the World...  (and I am selling my camera on eBay)

    Across from Ground Zero
    Across from Ground Zero

    Aurorus Reflectus Colosseo
    Aurorus Reflectus Colosseo

    This is Secret
    This is Secret

    Another Sunday in Iceland
    Another Sunday in Iceland

    Monkey Love
    Monkey Love