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The fifth newsletter was clearly predicted by Nostradomas, that cheeky bastard

Welcome! We hope the 5th newsletter is a pretty shock to your email system. As always, we welcome your feedback at the Newsletter page! Did you miss the first, second, third, or fourth newsletter? Just follow those links and you'll be in good shape.

Twitter Lists! They're the new black!

If some of you have not joined Twitter yet, this is a great way to get started. Most people dislike Twitter at first because they end up following people that fill their life with nonsense. Now, Twitter has made Lists available, which make add new followers very easy!

I have made 5 Great Lists! This is a great starting point. The first one is the Stuck In Customs Community. As of the writing of this, according to Listoriuous, we have the 49th most popular list in the world. Incredible! There are millions and millions of Twitter users, so this really speaks highly of YOUR ability to connect with one another. Cool.

I think the Stuck In Customs community is a great group of people from various disciplines and many areas of expertise. This is a TREMENDOUS way for you to connect with one another. You ever been at a lame party and then someone says, "Hey, you two should meet!" And then it gets a whole lot better? That's what is finally happening now. So, come follow the List and the people inside!

1) Go to this post with the Five Great Lists
2) Click on the list
3) At the top of the list, click "Follow this List"
4) And then, look down below and "Follow" the people inside too

Want to get on the Stuck In Customs List or make recommendations for the others?
1) Each list has a different suggestion page, like this one for the Stuck In Customs Community
2) Nominate someone or nominate yourself in that little box. I don't care -- no shame in nominating yourself around here! Otherwise, how will I know?

A New HDR Workshop Announced!

This is the first time I have ever offered this. The HDR Workshop was announced just now! Go have a quick look! If you are interested, please leave your comments below in the post. Thanks!

Another "Stuck in Motion" video

I can't believe the response from the last video entitled "The Moments Between, Episode 1: Japan". It really struck a chord with people. Great!

I have a new one coming up in the next two weeks, so stay tuned. It's a bit different and features my kids. I want to show how this technique can be used to capture your family or loved ones in a whole new way. After deep thought and contemplation, I think the human memory does work in "short clips" rather than static images. As photographers, we fall into the camp of thinking that the brain stores images like a directory of .jpgs, but that's not really true. Especially when it comes to our family, we do remember the little moments between.

Some people came up with the name for this as "Stuck In Motion". I like it! Again, there is nothing "new" that I have made here, but I think this is democratized technology, along with a technique that will allow anyone to do this stuff. I've gotten a few requests for "exclusive reveals" on various shows to describe everything, and I will let you know when that is decided. In the meantime, continue to guess and experiment -- since that is really the best way to learn anyway.

9x9 print - The Road to the Dinosaur Dig

Limited Edition Print to be Shipped with the Premium Edition of the Book

This is only available for pre-orders, and those will stop quite soon. According to Peachpit, "A World in HDR" will be shipping before the holidays.

The print is a Limited Edition Numbered Series. I'll stop issuing and the numbering when the book comes out and it will never be available again. Each one will be lovingly signed with a cool autograph that is actually legible. The book is finished now, and I'm just waiting for the printers to get everything set up for the production run... it's all very exciting. I can't wait to get it into your hands. It's very different, full of great photos and advice, and of course, a newer, longer version of the HDR Tutorial.

It is not available for international orders, I'm afraid. The reasons are too long and lame-sounding for me to go into here. Believe me, it's a problem. I wish it wasn't because I know there are vast tracts of cool people from exotic locales that want it! We will have international orders available for the book itself - just not the Premium Edition with the print. My apologies.

HDR Spotting November Contest is having a special contest in November and handing out a prize to the winner. Have you signed up? I am not in charge of who gets invites... but I know more are going out all the time. It is still in testing, and everyone should get in as more features become available.

It is designed to be a great way for you to expose your work to the world and drive people to your blog, your website, or your portfolio. Or, if you are not a photographer, it's just an amazing gallery where you can get lost for hours.

Some of my recent Tweets that maybe you missed and would enjoy...

Those of you that are with me on Twitter or Facebook see these come in irregular patterns over the month... But here are some of the best, all in one spot. I hope each link is time well spent for you!

  • This could make more people take the stairs... LINK
  • What are the best and most fun Twitter contests you have seen? Donate your ideas/experiences 2 my recent post LINK
  • Crazy Craigslist ad - a guy wants a double amputee for his Star Wars Halloween costume! LINK
  • You all should follow @CaliLewis because of THIS interview (you can tell a lot about a person by their laugh) LINK
  • Incredible image of Steve Jobs. Don't believe me? Click "Large" at the top. LINK
  • Great post from Fabio at @abduzeedo "Tips on How to Become a Better Designer" - see "Experimentation"!LINK
  • Holy Awesome Superhero photos! See LINK
  • Thanks for all the responses on "10 Principles of Beautiful Photography" - hope it helps! LINK
  • I've updated my "Charity" page with some new @Kiva activity! Now active in Ghana and in Tajikistan LINK
  • A picture of the future? Cool graphic design! LINK
  • Fantastic photos from Halloween - I wish all sites would have big photos like @big_picture LINK
  • The Sims as a "real life" horror movie LINK
  • Very interesting - see how this FILM photographer Alan Jaras captured beams of light LINK
  • Just released the Sneak Peak of the HDR Book at midnight - thx for the Tweets!LINK
  • Absolutely amazing wave and surfing photos. These guys are so good. LINK
  • Just now... my 3-year-old daughter, Isabella: "NO, DADDY! We can dance AFTER I make a poop!" **aren't you glad you read to the end of the list?? hehe

  • A Collection of Shots from the Recent Past, atarting with three pretty ones from Japan!

    As always, if you want to know more about the descriptions, circumstances, and little stories, feel free to jump over to the main blog at and read your heart out! :)

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    The Bamboo Forest
    The Bamboo Forest and some great Twitter Lists to follow

    Midnight Adventure in the Japanese Cemetery
    Midnight Adventure in the Japanese Cemetery

    Tokyo at Dusk - Blade Runner Extreme
    Tokyo at Dusk - Blade Runner Extreme

    The Lone Cypress - a drive down Highway 1 from San Francisco to San Diego
    The Lone Cypress - a drive down Highway 1 from San Francisco to San Diego

    The Restaurant in Tokyo that Inspired that crazy scene from Kill Bill
    The Restaurant in Tokyo that Inspired that crazy scene from Kill Bill

    American Airlines at DFW
    Connecting the community, my Twitter strategy, and American Airlines at DFW

    The Dirt Road to the Nuclear Blast Site
    The Dirt Road to the Nuclear Blast Site

    The Golden insides of Notre Dame
    The Golden insides of Notre Dame

    The Two Glacial Lakes of the Southern Andes
    The Two Glacial Lakes of the Southern Andes  (and our experiment with a Real-Time Community continues...)