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A New Type of Photography - The Moments Between, Episode 1: Japan

I do like to experiment, and I'm trying something new with this (Jump to the page here). It's more of a short-film than anything, I suppose. Actually, I don't think this sort of thing has a name - maybe you can help me come up with one! I won't talk about it too much... just let you see it. Give me some feedback on that page there; if you enjoyed it, I'll endeavor to make more!

I recently got back from a little Samurai Photo Adventure in Japan for about two weeks. I had a rail-pass for a bullet-train and not much of a plan beyond that. I ended up all over the place and had a run-in with a Japanese robo-toilet that I could probably only tell you in person.

In one of the clips in the link above, you can see a Ryokan I stayed in. These are traditional Japanese inns from the Edo period. There are hot baths, traditional meals, and then sleeping on mats on the floor. Anyway, it was a great trip and I'll be sprinkling in photos from the trip over coming weeks, months, and years.

Guest Post from Kook Ewo

You might have seen Kook's video work in any number of Hollywood movies. Also, I feel fortunate that he designed that 4-second intro I put in front of my videos. He's a real talent, and you'll see this when you view his demo reel. You can have a sneak-peek at his guest post here.

Book News!

I received the color proofs from Peachpit (the publisher) recently. They included samples from a few of the chapters. They looked amazing! (If you join the Facebook Fan Club, I uploaded a little iPhone pic there of the color-proofs.) The layout from Fabien Barral (the French designer that did has done an amazing job, and I'm very pleased with the layout. Also, it's hard for me to be objective about such things, but the content looks really sharp too. It's full of a lot of counter-intuitive advice, good tips, and loads of good stories. I think you'll enjoy it!

We will continue to accept pre-orders for the book up until about a week beforehand. We have two options there -- both autographed. One of them comes with a limited-edition signed and numbered 9x9 print as well. The only time I'll be offering this print is for this book order.

I know we have many international fans that are ready to pre-order too. Peachpit/Pearson has put Kristin Schneider on the case and she is currently putting together a special page for international customers so you can get the info you need! I'm afraid we won't be able to do the autographed copy or the one that includes the limited edition numbered print, but you can at least get the book itself. Of course, I'll be happy to sign it if I ever meet you in person... perhaps at a secret upcoming PhotoWalk in Auckland? Hello Kiwis! I may be coming your way soon... tell your friends! :)

HDR Spotting Leaked is a increasingly slippery secret project that you can take a look at. I did this with an old friend with a special purpose that will benefit other HDR Photographers out there. HDR Spotting is designed to drive attention and traffic to YOUR website, portfolio, or whatever you wish. It is a next-generation gallery that should provide plenty of eye-candy to all audiences.

Everything is still early and in testing. It is in a private invite-only beta. You can try to register and apply to get an invite-code. Please note that I do not make any decisions in that regard... so it won't help to offer me slightly undercooked, warm, chocolate-chip cookies. We'll put up more news and videos about the site in the near future, so stay tuned!

20 Million Views - Thanks Again

This past month saw the passing of the 20 million view milestone! I can't believe it. I am truly humbled that you all would actually look at my photos that many times! It's insane... and now the pressure is on for me to come up with enough interesting work to allow for another 20 million! Here is a link to the blog post along with a few photos.

Some of my recent Tweets that maybe you missed and would enjoy...

Those of you that are with me on Twitter or Facebook see these come in irregular patterns over the month... But here are some of the best, all in one spot. I hope each link is time well spent for you!

  • (Video) We have a new "sharing" feature on the site at... LINK
  • RT @CaliLewis: Brief 641 - Tale of Three Cameras - With another one of my photos in her background for her show LINK
  • I'm going to have my D3X cleaned by a real Japanese guy at the Nikon HQ in Tokyo today. This is a religious experience.
  • Great artist! Amazing drawings by "Cataclysm-X" - I need a name like that! LINK
  • I'm here in Japan and had some children from Hiroshima give me a gift. It was very sweet. I grabbed a pic LINK
  • My 3-year old daughter won't sleep alone bc she is scared of the Burger King from this commercial LINK
  • Cool! Wonderful photo and visualization! "Where is McDonald's???" LINK
  • A wonderful letter from "Teller" -- have you seen this @AndrewMayne ? If I recall, you know Teller! LINK
  • Wow! Incredible Special effects - see this video at LINK
  • I get a lot of Facebook chat requests, but this is a new one. (pic) LINK
  • Pretty graphic design and interesting! All Human Space missions: LINK

  • A Collection of Shots from the Recent Past

    As always, if you want to know more about the descriptions, circumstances, and little stories, feel free to jump over to the main blog at and read your heart out! :)

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    The Treetop Temple Protects Kyoto
    The Treetop Temple Protects Kyoto

    The Safehouse
    The Safehouse

    Raw Hot Sewage
    Hot Raw Sewage

    An Open Air Lounge in Kuala Lumpur
    An Open Air Lounge in Kuala Lumpur

    Stopping for Lunch at the Emerald Lake in the Andes
    Stopping for Lunch at the Emerald Lake in the Andes (and a new photo-sharing thing)

    Romance in India
    Romance in India

    The Massive Glacier at Dusk
    The Massive Glacier at Dusk

    Pulling into the Austin Motel after dark
    Pulling into the Austin Motel after dark

    The Hike
    Exploring South America

    The Golden Pavillion
    The Golden Pavilion, or Kinkaku-ji for my new Japanese friends