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The wonder of Email has brought you the third Newsletter

Welcome! We hope the third newsletter brings great things to your life! As always, we welcome your feedback at the Newsletter page! Did you miss the first or the second newsletter? Just follow those links and you'll be in good shape.

An Walk-Around-With-Trey Video

I was recently in Atlanta with a couple of friends (Scott and Rick). We went out to shoot photos at Olympic Park and Scott asked if he could bring a video camera along. I told him that would be fine and he offered to edit the video together to share it online. This video was shot on the same night that I was nearly arrested in downtown Atlanta for using a tripod to take a photo of the Coke museum.

You can find a link to the short 8-minute video here. He edited it down to under five minutes. However, exclusively for newsletter subscribers, here is the link to the 45-minute "uncut" version. Actually, during part of the video, I set up to take a photo of the Coke Museum, so you can see a little bit of the situation on the ground. We didn't get any video of the policewoman, but at least you can get an idea of how crazy I was being with the tripod!

Another Video... Actually a screencast.

I made screencast on my computer about how to solve a common problem with colors and uploading photos. I have noticed that many times the photo that I upload looks different than the one I have at home! I've never quite been able to figure this out. I asked for help on Twitter and FB, and I got many different answers, only some of which were right! Anyway, I made a little video to show you how to set up Photoshop so that everything you upload looks the same online as it does at home. You can view that Colorspace Video here.

Thanks for attending the PhotoWalk (if you were in Austin!)

Thank you for everyone that came out to the PhotoWalk. According to The Driskill, where we met before the walk, we had over 170 show up. It was a great night and I was very sorry I could not get around to meet as many people as I would have liked.

I explained to everyone that the PhotoWalk was both about taking the photos and sharing the photos. I invite you all to come here to the PhotoWalk Blog Post, where there are links to Flickr thread and the Facebook thread. In those, you can see all the photos that people shared. Drop in and leave them some feedback. We've got a great photography community and I want to make sure you were presented the opportunity to share your comments.

Updated Textures Tutorial Coming Soon!

I've been working on a brand new "Stuck In Customs Textures Tutorial". The videos are all new, higher quality, and even longer. Furthermore, there is a new "Ultimate Package" that will come with 150 Textures and two Bonus Videos. If you purchased the previous Textures Tutorial, then we have your email address and will send you a special offer for the new one. And, you'll have the benefit of having the old video and the new video! The discounts for existing customers will be fair because we want to make sure all previous customers are happy and fruitful!

The Tree Alone Against the World

Interviews on ABC, NBC, and FOX

I've made the rounds lately on TV. I know we all use the internet all the time and everything... but TV is still kinda popular, isn't it? Anyway, if you guys would like to see some interviews, just check the links beneath.
Interview on ABC about HDR Photography (by Stuck in Customs)

Review of BorrowLenses, for Lens Rental

We like to give Newsletter subscribers the first-look at new reviews. This month, we are showing you "BorrowLenses", a cool service for trying out all kinds of lenses at a very reasonable price. You can read all about their Lens Rental program at the link. Enjoy!

Some of my recent Tweets that maybe you missed and would enjoy...

Those of you that are with me on Twitter or Facebook see these come in irregular patterns over the month... but in case you don't, here are some good ones for you!

  • @GuyKawasaki: Mysterious tubular clouds baffle scientists LINK
  • Here is a cute photo of Isabella (one of my daughters) at the Bellagio pretending to be shy LINK
  • Cool! 10 Awesome Package Designs @abduzeedo LINK
  • Wow! 36 Awesome Surrealistic Artworks... all by one artist... this guy is good! LINK
  • Very innovative idea from @photojojo - wrap your lens with LEDs! LINK
  • My favorite Funny or Die video when Will Farrel meets his Landlord thx @omarg for the FoD reminder! LINK
  • Cool! Watch this camera-stabilization video LINK
  • Wow Wow - This girl is 23 years old - Lilla Marton - see her AMAZING art work - LINK
  • Looks nice! My images are up all over my friend's spa in Shanghai - be sure to visit it! LINK
  • Sweet - a water-powered jet pack ! LINK
  • Wow watch this guy (Kevin Skinner) on Hulu... America's Got Talent - really nice LINK
  • Hilarious video - this woman thinks Rainbows are a government conspiracy. LINK
  • Finished watching "Helvetica" - a really wonderful documentary on design and fonts. Thanks to those that recommended it!
  • 110 Artworks from Top Digital Artists in Europe: LINK
  • haha funny! This is Darth Vader doing a surprise dance to "Can't Touch This" LINK

  • A Collection of Shots from the Recent Past

    As always, if you want to know more about the descriptions, circumstances, and little stories, feel free to jump over to the main blog at and read your heart out! :)

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    We hope you enjoy the third newsletter. The longer uncut video of the photography session in Atlanta should be fun. I know I get many requests to "Walk around and take photos with you" -- this is the next best thing! Maybe we will plan some sort of a workshop in the future. Let us know if you'd be interested in such an event.

    My Youngest Daughter, Scarlett
    Scarlett (by Stuck in Customs)

    A view with my coffee (another shot using the new textures)
    A view with my coffee (by Stuck in Customs)

    The Milky White Geothermal Occurrence
    The Milky White Geothermal Occurrence (by Stuck in Customs)

    Hanging Out of the Chopper
    Hanging Out of the Chopper (by Stuck in Customs)

    Connecting in Hong Kong
    Connecting in Hong Kong (by Stuck in Customs)

    The Old Wild Stampede
    The Old Wild Stampede (by Stuck in Customs)

    The Glassy Lake Near Antarctica
    The Glassy Lake Near Antarctica (by Stuck in Customs)

    Umbrellas at the Shoppes at the Palazzo
    Umbrellas at the Shoppes at the Palazzo (by Stuck in Customs)

    Circumnavigating the Lake
    Circumnavigating the Lake (by Stuck in Customs)

    The Pillars of God
    The Pillars of God (by Stuck in Customs)

    The Skeletons at Sunrise
    The Skeletons at Sunrise (by Stuck in Customs)

    The hallway to the bar after a bad night in Vegas
    The hallway to the bar after a bad night in Vegas (by Stuck in Customs)

    A Sunset on a Texas Farm
    A Sunset on a Texas Farm (by Stuck in Customs)