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Welcome to the very first newsletter. We're still workin' out the kinks here, so thanks for your patience! As always, we welcome your feedback at the Newsletter page!

A New Review

I have a full review up of the Nikon 70-200mm lens. It's a fantastic lens and I highly recommend it for most normal zoom situations. As always, I try to give very practical advice and reviews, and I don't geek out on all the nerdy details. Since I don't want to repeat everything from the review here, I'll just point you to the review along with many sample photos at the Nikon 70-200 Review. Enjoy!

Note that I have not released this officially on the blog yet... I'd like to give Newsletter subscribers at least a 48 hour advance on this sort of thing.
The 70-200mm from across the room...
Texas Shots-12106-June 06, 2009 (by Stuck in Customs)

The Best Tweets and Finds of Recent Net History...

Those of you that follow me on Twitter or Facebook see that I drop a few of these things in per week. People always ask me how I find these things... I don't know... people send me stuff, I filter, and then share the best! These include links to inspirational art, outlandish sites worth a look, or just other things that I found to be cool. [please ignore the poor twitter-grammar]
  • Incredible time-lapse photography - Galaxy Over Texas at LINK
  • Aaargh! Really cool illustrations of Pirates at LINK
  • Something new under the sun... a Movie Poster that moves! A documentary with the RED camera LINK
  • Here is some really nice photography of cool tattoos... a good port on Behance: LINK
  • A really cool Snail video made with a Canon Rebel LINK Why can't my D3X do video!! Damn you Nikon!
  • Fantastic visions of futuristic cities from great artists at LINK
  • Here is an amazing photo at Lake Baikal from a Russian friend that I spent time with in Argentina: LINK
  • Here is the CREEPIEST photography project you've seen in a while: LINK
  • I have an incredible artist friend named Chad Townsend who draws on Chipotle Menus! LINK
  • Fantastic Star Wars Disney Weekend posters LINK
  • Never seen anything like this - The guy creates art by folding paper... LINK

Upcoming Guest Blogger: Steve Simon

Steve is a great photographer and I'm excited to have him come on the blog and tell us all about his world. He's quite philosophical and his photos have a unique feel to them, so that makes him the kind of guy that I think will resonate with all the deep thinkers that visit here on a regular basis. Look for his guest post at a surprise point in the near future!

Most recently, we had Miss Aniela from the UK as a guest blogger. You can see a pic of her in her skivvies with her head in a box in her Guest Post.
Steve in action with his sweet Nikon and the bubble-icious 12-24mm

My John Teshish Tip for Making Life More Pleasant That Has Nothing to Do with Art

Here is one I found by accident. Do you like the smell of coffee and does it set you at ease? It does me. I bought some coffee from a local coffee shop here (Mozart's on the Lake), and they put the beans in these paper bags, not the Starbucksy industrial-plastic bags. I found that after a day, it made my whole car smell like fresh ground coffee, which is an all-around nice smell to me. So I just left it in there. And so now whenever I give a ride to anyone, they always say, "Man it smells like coffee in here!" To which I say, "Of course, yes. Isn't it nice?" And then, in a John-Cleese-matter-of-fact-way, they always answer, "Well yes, I suppose it is quite nice."

An Amazing Painter

I get occasional emails from other artists who ask to use my photographs as source material for their own art. After getting an email from David Coalburn, I took a look at his work, and I was completely blown away! I thought it might be a cool thing to share with you.

He's worked with a few of my photos, and I will show two below. The first is from a train station in Milan, and he was nice enough to include his "steps along the way". The second is a sketch of one of my older Harley photos. In his honor, I'll include a previously "unpublished" Harley photo for this newsletter's unique offering!

David does indeed sell his work, and he donates both of our shares to charity, which I think is pretty cool. If you want to contact him about buying future works, you can find his Flickr Stream Here.
The Original Milan Train Station Shot
Milan Train Station at Midnight (by Stuck in Customs)
David's Final Product
3452395645_144dbfb7e9_b.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024x691 pixels) (by Stuck in Customs)
David's Work in Progress
IMGP4674 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! (by Stuck in Customs)
The Original Harley Shot
Stars and Bars (by Stuck in Customs)
David's Incredible Sketch
3610076538_090249c852_o.jpg (JPEG Image, 1265x1022 pixels) (by Stuck in Customs)

A Collection of Shots from the Recent Past

As always, if you want to know more about the descriptions, circumstances, and little stories, feel free to jump over to the main blog at and read your heart out! :)

This newsletter is totally free, and you are welcome to forward it to your friends and family. If you want to find out the latest, or see the daily photo, be sure to visit the main site at

If you want to take photos like this or see how I do it, there is a popular HDR Tutorial on the site that gives a simple step-by-step process of my techniques. I get these questions all the time, so I made a little free tutorial for you there!

Thank you again for subscribing to the newsletter. I know your time is valuable, so we'll just try to get you the coolest stuff to give you some hyper-focused beauty in your life. As always, I welcome your feedback!
Bonus Unpublished Photo - Flying on a Harley
Meditation - Siem Reap, Cambodia
Meditation (by Stuck in Customs)
Houston at Dusk
Houston at Dusk (by Stuck in Customs)
The Artist Takes a Break - Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Artist Takes a Break, and a Nik Software Review (by Stuck in Customs)
New York, New York - Not in New York
New York, New York (by Stuck in Customs)
The Violent Volcano - Patagonia
The Violent Volcano (by Stuck in Customs)
The Place in Texas Where They Found the 17 Bodies
The Place in Texas Where They Found the 17 Bodies (by Stuck in Customs)
It's Summertime for Little Girls - Austin, TX
It's Summertime for Little Girls (by Stuck in Customs)
Even the Model of Shanghai is Huge
Even the model of Shanghai is huge (by Stuck in Customs)
The Fed Ex Forum Awaiting the New Season - Memphis
The Fed Ex Forum Awaiting the New Season (by Stuck in Customs)
The River Passed the Quivering Forest in the Autumn
The River Passed the Quivering Forest in the Autumn (by Stuck in Customs)
A Little Place I Found on the Way to Dinner in Germany
A Little Place I found on the way to dinner in Germany (by Stuck in Customs)
Moonlight over Everest
Moonlight over Everest (by Stuck in Customs)
The Ancient Library
The Ancient Library (by Stuck in Customs)