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Announcing Luminar the new all-in-one photo editor from Macphun!

Pre-order available November 2 - 17, 2016

What is Luminar?
It's a new program that is a very powerful photo editor. It's from the same team that brought you Aurora HDR (I collaborated with them on this), so you know it's gonna be good.

Luminar is an extremely powerful and fast photo editor that can do not only the most basic adjustments but literally millions of "looks" for your photo. It's extremely easy and fun to use and designed for all skill levels.


Better than Lightroom?
That's the big question you're wondering, right? Well, YES, it is better in many ways. Remember, this currently is only a way to edit your photos — not to organize them. As of the time of writing this, I'm still using Lightroom to organize my photos. You'll find the controls in Luminar are much more powerful than the ones in Lightroom. I'd also wager to say that Luminar has 5-7x as many control options as Lightroom.

New Customers Pre-Order Price of $59 which includes Pre-Order Bonuses!

Current Users of any Macphun Software, including Aurora HDR. Can Pre-Order now for just $49 (includes
Pre-Order Bonuses items). Act fast, the Pre-Order offer ends November 17th!


What are the Key Features of Luminar?

Adaptive User Interface
-Multiple Modes: From basic to advanced
-One-click switch between modes
-Change modes anytime

All-in-one photo editing tool set
-Includes essential editing tools for different photography styles
-Live editing, live processing, live previews
-Non-destructive editing
-Works as a standalone app or plug-in
-RAW converter & processor
-History Panel

Here's a great example of some of the power you can't get in Lightroom alone. You can see I've chosen the "Orton Effect" filter. It's extremely fast and this is a "look" you just can't get in Lightroom because it involves a blending of layers (all of which is automatic in Luminar).
Yes, Luminar has layers, but you can see how much you can do with a single layer. Here, I've made use of a really cool filter called "Foliage Enhancer."
You may notice that each screenshot has different controls over on the left. This is because you can organize your workspace however you wish, with whatever filters you wish. In this case, I wanted more details, so I pulled up the appropriate filters. You can even save your workspaces to your liking.
Naturally, there are many vintage-feels to the filters as well. There are a ton of presets if you're feeling lazy or just in a hurry!

I was also impressed how it is quite easy to get an "HDR Look" by using many of the filters.
I'm a big fan of cross-processing, and Luminar comes with a variety of tools that help you to give these a more special look. Here I've used both Cross-Processing and Bi-Color Toning. is a personal blog where Trey puts up a new unique photo every day and writes about the art, the technology, and the story of the adventures. Actually, this is Trey writing about this in third person. Both Trey and I appreciate your support very much!

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Reminder: The Text HDR Tutorial is Always Free!

I keep a completely FREE HDR Tutorial for Macs and a separate FREE HDR Tutorial for Windows on my website. It is a living document that continues to evolve over the years. It goes over everything you need to get started and is a great introduction to the basics of HDR photography and post processing.

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Some new photos from over on the blog :)

Here's a photo that I got during a quad flight in Dunedin earlier this year. I always end up taking hundreds and hundreds of photos to get the full range of colors over that limited 20-30 minute span. Another reason I take so many photos is because when you are watching the sunset, minute-by-minute, you don't even notice the subtle color changes.
We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton here in Krabi, Thailand, and there was no shortage of dinner options. Sometimes I like to “get away” from the hotel/resort to try out other places, but these restaurants were SO GOOD, I figured, “Why bother?” Every night was a different kind of culinary sensation. On this particular night, we ate out on the deck and could hear the waves crashing on the nearby shore. Heaven!

- Trey Ratcliff

Click here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.
I like this photo, but I don't think it's the best one over made from this standpoint by a longshot. This is a very famous scene from Venice and most people that go there get this shot. I'm not so much of a “shot collector” but it is too pretty to resist. And even though I've crossed this bridge probably 50+ times, I'm never had “perfect” conditions (which I would consider a stunning sunrise with amazing clouds). That's okay… but I'm still pretty happy with this photo.
What a pretty island! I've heard about how pretty Waiheke Island is but really had no idea it was so “varied.” There are so many of these peninsulas and fingers out into the ocean… there must be over a hundred of them, and they all seem to have perfect little houses scattered here and there and everywhere.
We stayed here at Larnach Castle in Dunedin for several nights preparing for the big Facebook event above! One night we even had a fabulous dinner in the dining room with all the other guests. I think it's like the only castle in New Zealand or something? So it's quite the experience. I've always loved castles… I really want to go visit Scotland next and have more castle experiences there!
Here's one of the first photos I edited with Aurora HDR 2017. I really like the way it turned out. As you can imagine, there was A LOT of ghosting in this, so it's cool to see how much better the anti-ghosting technology is!
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