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Luminar's AI-Powered Sky Enhancer Is Now Available as a Free Download

Skylum keeps rolling out some pretty incredible enhancements to Luminar. This time it's an AI Sky Enhancer. Using Artificial Intelligence, Luminar analyzes your image and automatically detects the sky. They trained the tool using hundreds of thousands of images with different amounts and different types of sky, whether it's a tiny patch of blue peeking through a skylight, a cloudy sky flaunting sunset colors, or a dark, ominous sky signaling a storm. A blue sky will get a treatment far different from a grey sky, and a sunset sky will be enhanced differently from a mid-morning one.

As you move one simple slider, AI Sky Enhancer makes adjustments, selectively adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, and vividness alongside recovering the details, improving the textures, and a lot more.


Existing Users Can Update Luminar 2018 Now for Free --Or-- New Users Can Buy Now and Save $$

Current users of Luminar 2018 may update for free (Just open Luminar 2018 and check for updates). New users can purchase or upgrade to Luminar 2018 and save $$ using the coupon code, "STUCKINCUSTOMS".

Luminar automatically detects and enhances the sky with a single slider...


Luminar with Libraries (Also Free!) Is Coming in December

Skylum is doing something unprecedented. Through late 2019 (at least), they're making every new feature available to all Luminar 2018 users - at no additional cost! First up is Luminar with Libraries which is coming in December...did I mention it is a FREE update??? Libraries will allow photographers to organize, browse and edit images on the fly. For example, you'll be able to use AI Sky Enhancer on one image, then instantly apply those enhancements to other images of your choosing using a special feature called sync adjustments.

Click here to get Luminar 2018 now!

Sneak Peek at Luminar with Libraries

You’ll be able to conveniently group photos into albums, rate pictures, sync edits between hundreds of images, and more... you may find you no longer need Adobe Lightroom, yay!


Luminar Quick Tip - Enhance your foliage and water

Here's a quick tip for Luminar 2018 which shows how to remove that color cast you may not know is there and how to use the Accent-AI slider.


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Reminder: The Text HDR Tutorial is Always Free!

I keep a completely FREE HDR Tutorial on my website. It is a living document that continues to evolve over the years. It goes over everything you need to get started and is a great introduction to the basics of HDR photography and post processing.


Here's some recent images from StuckinCustoms.com

Snow Day In New Zealand!
I tried to pick my favorite photo from that day for the Daily Photo, and this is it! One kinda cool thing about New Zealand is that they really hate these trees here. They think of them as pests. So you can cut them down any time and use them as Christmas trees. Well, I didn’t cut these down because they were on my neighbor’s property and I thought I should at least ask first.
A Desolate Photo Walk In Antarctica
I camped out with all these awesome geeky scientists for a while. I finally got them out of their lab tent to follow me around and take photos. We had a great time… this was our last night camping with them, and Stu and I had brought A LOT OF ALCOHOL. So we ended up busting everything open and we had a grand old party with these guys!
The Mighty Castle
Wow, they really turn up the lights at Mont Saint Michel, eh? I took this on my first visit here. I remember that I really wanted to get a reflection shot across the water, but I had no idea how to get out there. I didn’t know the streets or anything, so I just kinda guessed, and luckily, I guessed right. I don’t usually do that!
Photo Day In Saint Petersburg
Right after the photo walk in Moscow, Curtis, Olya, and I jumped on an overnight train to arrive in St. Petersburg for a day of photography and fun. Along the way, we stopped at several cool little coffee shops. This was the gal that was working there… I told her I thought she looked pretty cool and asked if I could take a photo. She said, “Yes, of course” in this long slithery Russian accent that made us all melt.
Boating Home From Burano
I took a boat ride from Venice over to Burano, which is a beautiful little canal town that is a lot like Venice. In many ways, it’s prettier than Venice, if that’s possible! For one thing, it’s not crowded at all. The other big difference is that it is extremely colorful as opposed to the muted pastels of Venice. Anyway, after spending the day there, this is the photo I got on the way back to our hotel during sunset.
Floating Over Beautiful Hobbiton
Wow, this place is always a winner. It’s no wonder that Peter Jackson fell in love with it when he was searching for the fictional “Hobbiton” during the early scouting days of Lord of the Rings. I believe the story is that he came in and bought the farm that was already there and put the previous owner in charge. I met that gentleman, Russell, a number of times and he’s a heck of a nice guy!

Grafitti In Berlin
One afternoon and evening, we ended up in this abandoned spy-listening station in Berlin that was used during the cold war. Now it’s this spooky place that has become a haven for graffiti artists. Every floor has extremely elaborate art all over the place. We came here about halfway through our European tour, and I remember I was SO TIRED and EXHAUSTED. This whole place had such a weird energy too it. I felt so unusual the entire time.
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