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My New Favorite Travel Bag

... from Peak Design of course!

I just arrived home in Queenstown from another mind-blowing time at Burning Man (more on that later). I won't be here for long. I'm headed to Spain in a couple of weeks to do a 100K hike along the famous Camino de Santiago trail with my good friend Kevin Kelly and a group of what I hope to become new friends!

I'm excited to use my new Travel Backpack from Peak Design. It's my new favorite travel accessory. It easily expands to hold everything I need for the long trip and compresses down to a smaller size for little photo excursions. The team Peak Design truly understands the needs of travel photographers! There's only a few days left on their Kickstarter where you'll get the very best prices, plus a few extra goodies if you wish! I've included one of their "deep dive" videos below so you can see the awesome features yourself.




Dusting off from Burning Man

This was a really fun and cruisey year! I think I got about 8,000 photos and just now going through them all. I had no internet the whole time, but now slowly getting back into civilization. All my stuff is super dirty and it's been a small eternity since I've showered! Anyway, I have all kinds of crazy stories and it's been a long time since I laughed so hard with my friends. I laughed so much it feels like a week-long pilates class! Okay... back to organizing my stuff for real life again... and looking forward to a shower!

Shameless plug... I've been using my new Festival Presets (for both Lightroom and Luminar) to process my photos. It's a lot of fun to see what sort of interesting looks I can create from them. Plus they work great for all types of photos, not just festivals. :)

There were a lot of awesome windstorms this year that kicked up all sorts of interesting scenes. Some people chose to stay inside during the storms, but I almost always jumped on my bike to see what clever stuff I could find.

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More images from Burning Man 2018

A crystalline hug

There are about one hundred different art cars rolling around Burning Man after they are approved by the DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles). This one is absolutely incredible, made by Henry Chang. I didn't even need to ask if he's a fan of H.R. Giger. Sometimes, you'll go an entire week without seeing certain cars... they appear like unicorns... but I got lucky on night number eight at the propane burn off.

Here's one of the more remarkable pieces of art out this year... an enormous, mirrored orb shading the crowd from the burning sun.

After the photo walk (thanks again everyone for coming!), I went out on a mission to rescue my broken bike that became a bit addled halfway through the walk. I had to abandon it to keep the Lawrence of Arabia mission moving forward! Anyway, it was pitch black when I went to go find it, but it was a good mission. It's fun to have missions out there, even if they are silly ones. Anyway, I finally found it and was returning to camp when I saw this awesome family. I dug out my camera and took a quick one for them. Every year there are over 1,000 kids that come out with their parents... I did this about seven years ago when I brought out Ethan and Tina, but I don't think we could have talked Ethan into wearing angel wings... but we probably could talk Isabella and Scarlett into it quite easily!

Here's an alien tractor beam at the mighty mighty Mayan Warrior melting down the mirror orb at Burning Man a few nights ago. I went up top and met the awesome Pablo Gonzalez Vargas who gave me a little tour and some wonderful, special gifts. We got to play with all the lasers and the flames and do all kinds of fun stuff. We're all just big kids up there!

Everyone is in costume all week long while the event is going on. I remember in his first year, my friend Rene was wearing just like regular clothes from The Gap when he went to Center Camp. Let's just say that it didn't go smoothly for him, but it rarely does anyway.

This is called, "In every lifetime, I will find you."
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