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Macphun becomes Skylum

I've always admired Macphun for their innovative photography tools. That's why I reached out to them over 4 years ago to partner on the development of Aurora HDR. The tool quickly became the most popular HDR photography software in the world and was recently awarded Apple's Mac App of the Year for 2017!

In the past year, they've added an amazing new editor called Luminar that does most of what Lightroom does, although far better, and blazing fast! And they released versions of both Aurora HDR and Luminar for Windows PC users.

So with the expansion to Windows and some VERY cool new tools on the horizon, (shh, it's a secret) they decided to change their named to Skylum to reflect this new vision. Same team, just a new name, plus an exciting new roadmap.

To celebrate the name change they have a limited time offer for Luminar that runs through February 25th. I know you'll love how powerful and fast it is. Despite the endless promises Lightroom is still dog slow.

Order Luminar now for Mac or Windows for just $69 USD and get bonus items worth $65.

How to give your photos an artistic hand-drawn look using Aurora HDR 2018

If you don't have it, you can grab Aurora HDR 2018 right here! In this video, I show you how to take it to a bit more of an extreme to give you a photo that almost crosses the line into an illustration.

Plotagraph Plotamorphs into Plotaverse

I've shown you lots of Plotagraph images over the past year. The cool moving images you can make from a single still image. Well the team over there has a number of other cool apps as well such as Plotamorph, PlotaFX and more on the way. So they've bundled them all up into one big Plotaverse bundle. You can see my Plotaportfolio here.

Visit the Plotaverse website or go download the FREE iPhone app or Android app now.

Also, you might like my review of Plotagraph and quick tutorial. is a personal blog where Trey puts up a new unique photo every day and writes about the art, the technology, and the story of the adventures. Actually, this is Trey writing about this in third person. Both Trey and I appreciate your support very much!

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Reminder: The Text HDR Tutorial is Always Free!

I keep a completely FREE HDR Tutorial on my website. It is a living document that continues to evolve over the years. It goes over everything you need to get started and is a great introduction to the basics of HDR photography and post processing.

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Some recent images from the blog...

Mount Fuji, Japan
Next time I go to Japan I really want to try to walk up Mount Fuji. Well, maybe not in the middle of winter. But I do have a few friends that have done this and it sounds amazing. You start climbing up there around midnight so you make it for the sunrise. Getting down is supposed to be a bit harder and it sounds like a bit of a scramble. But it's something I definitely want to try one day!
Osaka, Japan
Wow Japanese people love to shop! There is nonstop shopping all over the place, but especially in this district here called Dotonbori. The exact area of Dotombori is hard to define, but it covers many city blocks. It's so big, in fact, that I didn't even find this vast area until my fourth visit here!
Arrowtown, New Zealand
This was one of my first stops when I got my Hasselblad X1D. Up at The Hills country club, there are some very beautiful rolling hills in almost every direction. Since I'm a landscape photographer, it's a simple turkey-shoot! You can just kind of look in any direction and get a good shooting situation. That makes testing the camera a bit easier. I found myself going right into Manual mode because of the Live EVF. I still had to use the camera for about a month before I was totally comfortable with it, however.
Tokyo, Japan
If you want to get to this location, it's really easy! When you are in Shinjuku go to the big movie theater with the Godzilla on top. You can't miss it! When you go in, head up to the third floor with the elevator or escalator. There are huge windows here (clean windows) that give you this cool view right down one of the craziest streets in Tokyo. I shot this at about 70mm to give more of a compressed feel.
Okinawa, Japan
We didn't get much beach time on Okinawa, even though the place is packed with beaches! Most of our time was spent in the inside parts of the island. Most Japanese think of the mountains and hills for vacation and not-so-much the beach. Anyway, as soon as we made it out here, I saw this cute little girl playing in the sand.
In reference to my post about Star Wars, my time in Antarctica was a little bit like Hoth. I didn't have a tauntaun to crawl inside when I got cold, but I did have Stu Robertson. He made many of the same sounds as a tauntaun, in fact. Anyway, one day we snowmobiled out to the “airport” to see this scene. It's technically an airport, I guess, insofar as you land somewhere on this ice and can refuel for the flight back to Christchurch, New Zealand.
Venice, Italy
One night in Venice after dinner I had an idea to take a photo like this. I wanted to add as much darkness and mystery as possible. This is not usually the case because I shoot with a tripod, which I use for long exposures to get a lot of light. But I thought I'd mix it up this evening and try something a little different.
Waiheke Island, New Zealand
Thanks again to my friend Deanie for letting my family stay at her place on Waiheke! It was a great little vacation after Tina's doctor visit in Auckland. Waiheke is less than an hour away by ferry and it's like a perfect little island getaway! There are so many cool beaches and awesome places to visit. If you have an extra few days on your next trip to New Zealand, be sure to come over thisaway!
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