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Back to the default world after 2 weeks at Burning Man!

What a great year, and a strange confluence of events... Aurora HDR 2018 launched basically as soon as Burning Man ended! That required a significant amount of post-Burning Man energy to prepare for and make training videos. I don't know how I did it... sheer willpower maybe, because, man o' man, was I exhausted.

I took over 18,000 photos this year at Burning Man. Most were with the Fuji XT-2, but I got about 10% of the photos with the Hasselblad. I don't know if you can tell the difference in the 9 photos below... which ones were on Hasselblad and which ones were on Fuji? It doesn't really matter, I guess... all cameras a great nowadays! And yes, many of these were processed with the new Aurora HDR 2018! In the next newsletter, I'll be sure to add which photos were taken with which camera... or, I suppose, you could go over to SmugMug to see the EXIF yourself.

What did I get out of this, my 8th Burning Man in a row? Well, it's hard to say! I'm still processing it all. Every year is like the first year in many ways. I think it was, by far, my most productive year photographically. The art was amazing and so were the people. It's just incredible to be around 70,000 creative and happy people for a week straight. I can't even explain it. I wish it was like that all the time... I got home and told Tina about how much fun it is there, and she said, "Hey you know that's not the real world, right?" So, I said, "Yeah this is the real world now make me a pie." Just kidding... If I had said that, she would have hit me with a frying pan. Anyway, I'm back, getting organized, working on lots of projects, but I wanted to share some quick photos with you below. Enjoy! :)

Tree of Ténéré

This was many people's favorite art piece on the playa. In the day time, it was a pure green tree in the middle of the desert. At night, the 25,000 LED leaves came on and flowed through the tree like the wind.

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Images that have been edited using Aurora HDR Software...

By meandering-chance, I found a camp along the Esplanade that had a tremendous steel wool vortex spinning away. People would come stand in front and let the winds spray the burning metal around them. I'm not into being burned and stuff, so I sat down in the desert to take some photos. It was great fun to watch... I could have stayed here all night, but forced myself to get up and go see what else I could find.
Every year I go to the Billion Bunny March, where thousands of people dress up as bunnies and march across the desert to protest humanity. It wasn't a tooooo dusty day, so I pulled out the Hasselblad to get some portraits of people having a great time.
Every year we have a camp meeting in the middle of the week... Camp Walter is kind of a big camp with over 200 people, and it's organized very well. We are all on different teams and volunteer to help out around the camp with a thousand different things. In the middle of the camp meeting, a giant sandstorm slammed into us. It seemed to be a great time to take photos!
You may have seen the photo of the embracing Israeli couple who were doing Acro-Yoga. I posted it on social media a few days ago. Here's the pre-acro-yoga stretching period. They say it's good to stretch before exercising. I don't know who this "they" is, but they are probably right about these things. The sun caught her jewels in a surprising way.
A wicked fire... Burning Man, 2017 - Here’s one of the temple burning behind the Tree of Tenere. It was one of my favorite moments this year...
One amazing sunset I went out to visit the tree and a sailing ship, the Monaco, pulled up to visit. They seem to have a good crew on there!
Birds of a feather...
It was another great year out there... it was very exhausting out in the sun all afternoon, though. But still glad I got out there as much as possible to take photos. I still have tons more to process, but enjoying going through them.
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