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Affirmation of Aurora HDR for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Apple Users


IN REGARDS to ARTICLE (also known in common world wide web language as a BLOG POST) that MAY contain the words: "Apple is Dead To Me"

DATELINE: SAN FRANCISCO. I, Trey Ratcliff, hereby being of sound mind and body, understanding that these two aspects of the aforementioned are held in dispute by many authorities and experts, he, himself, speaking in the third person, furthermore hereby declares his unfettered support of Aurora HDR for the Computer In Question (Hereby toafter referred to APPLE MACINTOSH or derivatives thereof, including the latest manifestation of the APPLE MACINTOSH line of computers, albeit slower and sillier and donglier) and forthrightly denies moving back to Previous HDR Program in Question (hereforafterknown as PHOTOMATIX, which is a program that Windows users must tirelessly suffer, until said AURORA HDR is completed for MICROSOFT WINDOWS PROGRAM).

Furthermore, Trey Ratcliff (TR) does not claim any knowledge of an exact date for which AURORA HDR will be made for MICROSOFT WINDOWS computers. But he welcomes that day. TR has weekly conference calls with MACPHUN SOFTWARE (MS, not to be confused with MICROSOFT which often uses the acronym MS, but that is not recognized by this textual body), with which he partners on AURORA HDR. Even though the aforementioned may have written an article-post (Known in AOL Browser-device as a BLOG POST) entitled "Apple is Dead To Me," it does not indicate that TR does not use MS for HDR on APPLE MACINTOSH or its various un-MAGsafed derivatives. The following paragraph will no doubt clarify.

Many INTERNET denizens, including such entities as 4CHAN and REDDIT and COMPUSERVE ALT-DATING GROUPS have made reference to the controversial BLOG-article entitled "Apple is Dead to Me." The "Me" in this case is indeed TR (In the future to be referred to a "Trey Ratcliff"). Many Denizens may have indeed read the headline, but failed to read the actual article written by "Trey Ratcliff", in which he details a rather convoluted DROPBOX (like "Microsoft Briefcase" that actually works for those familiar with PRODIGY) system that includes using MICROSOFT WINDOWS MS OS to do all of his photography work, however carving out DROPBOX ("MSDOS Briefcase") as a means for transporting (over world-wide-web) certain files to his MACINTOSH system, upon delivery when he utilized AURORA HDR to process said photos, and then putting them back in the MS Briefcase (DROPBOX) to be transported across the internet (INTERNET) back to his MSDOS Windows COMPUTER, where he may or may not put them into ADOBE LIGHTROOM (to be known SLOW ADOBE PROGRAM or SAP). He then uses this SAP to receive into its digital innards the final photo which was beautifully adorned using AURORA HDR (High Dynamic Range), a program that was created by MACPHUN MS in partnership with "TR".

Let it also be known that there are absolutely no discussions to port AURORA HDR to LINUX (LX), which has caused a great tumult amongst 0.1% of the INTERNET, which causes TR and MS and MSDOS no short amount of Linux-bitterness. TR apologizes for any inconvenience caused by operating systems he doesn't understand.

Let it be known that TR recently visited the HQ of Apple in Cupertino. Upon entry, he had a sudden thought that he should have published the internet-log-article entitled "Apple is Dead to Me" after his visit to said Apple HQ. Many executives withheld a quiet rage and asked TR if he would consider waiting for WWDC (What Would Diablo Create) to see if perhaps something might change his mind. TR contended he maintained a small flicker of hope, as it is the only thing that springs eternal. "Trey Ratcliff" has not completely given up this hope that perhaps Apple will come back. After all, Microsoft did. He also gave an executive of APPLE (A) a Jar of Honey from his bee hives in New Zealand (NZ), where he farms as an amateur beekeeper, as a peace offering. TR harvested it by hand a week prior after a rigorous AURORA HDR session on his A Computer. In return TR received a VISITOR'S STICKER upon his hoodie. A facsimile (FAX) of said sticker is attached in ADDENDUM Q (Addendums A-P hereby being occupied by all the places TR has misplaced his DONGLES).

In case any of the above is unclear, let it forhitherwither be known that "TR" (TR) uses Aurora HDR on MAC (intosh) computers via a modern-day MICROSOFT BRIEFCASE also known to Internet Citizens as DropBox. For Further Explanation, please see magazine-online-article known in TCP (IP) language at


As a gesture of goodwill to Apple users worldwide... for a limited time you can save $30 off the Aurora HDR (for Macs) Bundle. It contains Aurora HDR 2017 and my newest (and arguably best) HDR tutorial. Grab it now!

On our way home we decided to stop in Egypt

When returning from our crazy 60-day trip around the Caribbean we decided to come back through Egypt so the family and I could explore the ancient city first-hand, and WOW what an incredible place it is. We had a packed itinerary from the moment we landed, the highlights being a private tour of the Sphinx with the great Dr. Zahi Hawass, exploring the Pyramids, and lantern shopping at the Khan el-Khalili souk.

Facebook Live from the Sphinx

We had the incredible opportunity to have the master of all things Egypt, Dr. Zahi Hawass as our private tour guide while we were there. We had a great time exploring the Sphinx and Pyramids with him. He then joined us for a long dinner along the banks of the Nile where we were staying at the Ritz-Carlton. My girls even dressed up like little Cleopatras for him...

Here are the highlights from our tour of the Sphinx :)

An interview on national Egyptian TV - For all my friends out there who speak Arabic

While we were in Egypt I was invited to be interviewed on national TV by Ossama Kamal on the DMC network. What a fun guy with great questions! is a personal blog where Trey puts up a new unique photo every day and writes about the art, the technology, and the story of the adventures. Actually, this is Trey writing about this in third person. Both Trey and I appreciate your support very much!

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Some photos from Egypt!

Three ladies in the Cairo bazaar hand over their phone to a friend to get some photos. It was a great day in the bazaar, and we saw some kids playing music in the street and singing… they weren't even looking for money or anything, just singing and having fun!
There are a few places around the Pyramids where you can lease a camel for a bit. If you haven't ridden a camel before, 20 minutes, is more than enough. I've done it a bunch but it was my family's second time. There is always a lot of screaming and panic when they get off the ground... and an endless source of entertainment!
This is one of many mosques I visited in Egypt. One of my favorite tricks is to get in the middle of the mosque and set the camera on the ground. Then try to make your camera as perpendicular as possible, set the timer, and run away!
Look at all those pretzels! By the way, a few of those lamps on the left side ended up back at our home in New Zealand thanks to my little girls! :)
Another of the incredible mosques that we visited.
On the very first day in Egypt, I took my family to visit the Pyramids. They were even more awesome than I expected! I have SO many photos… I could not figure out which one to work on first, but I really liked the interplay of the three figures in the foreground with the Pyramids in the far distance.
I didn't get to spend much time at the Pyramids, but I decided to make hay while the sun was shining, and boy it was! A bright bluebird day for sure. But, much to my surprise, a visit here in late January was not hot at all. In fact, it was about 19C/65F degrees with a light breeze. I had to wear two layers to stay warm. I did a lot of studies of people and the Pyramids, and this is one of my favorites.
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