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WOW! $1 Million!

I can’t believe it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

The new camera bag has broken every Kickstarter record for bags! To surpass $1 million after only a few days is unheard of for something like this. The whole team is just blown away. We're So Excited! On opening day, my whole family and the rest of the team were gathered around the laptop. It was super geeky but awesome. Then the orders started rolling in 10x what we expected!! OMG I can’t believe it, and I can’t thank you enough.

And yes, many people have asked if I’ll have the bag during the upcoming Photo Walk Across the USA tour. Yes! In fact, I’ll have both colors with me! So if you can come out (and I hope you do), you can see them and touch them like we’re in a petting zoo. Anyway, you’ll absolutely love it... Okay I know I keep talking about it… but it really is the best thing since sliced internet. Also, the Peak Design team has posted a new "Deep Dive" video on the Kickstarter page with a lot more details about the bag.


A Secret New Camera

Yet another Giveaway on our Photo Walk across the USA!

Check this out… I took this with kind of a secret new camera. Actually, we’re giving 12 of these "Cameras of Secret +1" away, one in EACH city during the upcoming Photo Walk tour! Anyway, it’s called the DxO ONE and it’s this nifty little camera that attaches to your mobile phone. I think it’s just iOS now but I hope they are working on an Android one too. Hint Hint Nudge Nudge.

Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with it, and here’s a photo I got a few days ago when I was driving to Glenorchy from Queenstown. Pretty good specs too! 20 megapixels... even goes as wide open as f/1.8. Supa handy! Here's more about it and the prize giveaways during the Photo Walk. You can also click around on the website to find out more about the event in your city! :)



Frederick’s visit to the PD office


What’s in Trey’s bag is a personal blog where Trey puts up a new unique photo every day and writes about the art, the technology, and the story of the adventures. Actually, this is Trey writing about this in third person. Both Trey and I appreciate your support very much!

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Photos from my month in Antarctica

I took this from the cockpit of a CL-130 as we were leaving Antarctica. This is the southernmost active volcano in the world. So amazing!
Look at this tremendous glacier. It towered over me and I walked right up to the edge. That was probably incredibly stupid, but I can tell you it was incredibly awesome! This was on the main continent in the dry valleys. It’s very rare for a glacier to stop on [mostly] dry land, so it was amazing to walk along its face for hours and hours.
I spent the day in and around Captain Shackleton’s hut. Not too far from there, I hiked to a volcanic cliff where I saw this, the sea ice crashing in and breaking apart. Those little cute penguins would dive in and get some fish treats then pop back out. I could have watched it all day. Oh, btw, penguins have projectile poop, but that is another story.
And speaking of Captain Shackleton’s hut, here it is. Amazing. How did people live here back then? My idea of roughing it is slow room service.
We got out of our vehicle one day and decided to have an ice-picnic.
This was taken at midnight when we went out on a little photo walk with the science team with whom we were posted at the Photo Walk.
Do you know how hard it was to build this? It was extremely hard! One of the hardest bits is just moving around inside of your suit. It’s very bulky and makes for any kin of manual labor 4x as hard as it normally is. And, normally it’s not easy to cut out giant ice blocks and carry them around!
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