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AiVATARs Unleashed! What Will Yours Say?!?

Hey awesome blog reader. Today is the big day! AiVATARs become available at 11AM PST, 2PM EST, 7PM BST and 7AM NZ.

Here, via Dropspace

How Much?
0.07ETH per AiVATAR NFT (and of course GAS fees as is standard with Ethereum)

How Many?
6000 total. Maximum 10 mints per transaction.

When can I watch it?
At first you’ll receive a rather funky placeholder while all the AI magic happens in the background. We’re aiming to do the reveal 48hours after the sale. Think of it like when you bought Pokemon cards, or baseball cards, etc. You don’t know what you’ve got until you break the seal (or in this case, refresh the metadata)! For now, here’s an extended preview to whet your appetite for AI goodness.

Aivatar Preview

What is an AiVATAR?
What is AiVATAR, I hear you wondering, human. Or maybe you’re an AiVATAR that is also wondering. Let’s not go too meta yet.

This is a generative NFT art project from the artist Trey Ratcliff (that’s me!) who has created 6,000 avatars based on a philosophical Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has 6,000 unique responses to 6,000 questions. Your AiVATAR will be uniquely yours, and the response is generative, which means you’re not sure what it’s gonna say until we click GO and begin the minting the NFTs. I sure hope your AiVATAR won’t say anything too offensive or upsetting or mentions killing humans, but, in our tests so far, a few of them do. All responses are generated by the AI.

How did we make this? We took text output from one of the world’s best neural network artificial intelligence engines and then passed those answers into one of the world’s best text-to-video deepfake AIs.

There’s a lot more going on here, so I recommend visiting the AiVATAR site for more info.

But as a quick example… here’s a breakdown of rarity…

Aivatar Preview

And finally, just a reminder that if you’re someone who currently holds one of my photography NFTs you get a free AiVATAR. Just head over to my Discord and use the bot to verify your purchase then head into the Collectors chat. 🙂