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All Systems Go!

Today’s big news is that the new NFTs are now live on Makersplace take a look here! As with the previous creations a chunk of the sale goes to the artists and subjects of the images with some also going to charity. I’ve also taken on board feedback from the Foundation experience. This time round the process to get involved is much easier as you can pay by card or ETH… auctions start at $1 with a wide range of configurations available including probably my best-known Burning Man image as a 1 of 1 Edition, an image which hung in the Smithsonian and some of my favourite scenes across the years.

Trey Ratcliff Burning Man NFT Makersplace Preview

It’s probably also worth saying that for the video NFTs I’ll be providing the full quality video file to the winner(s) which means you can enjoy things like the Temple Sunrise in 4K as a wallpaper on your UHD TV or high res display nice and easily.

Trey Ratcliff Burning Man NFT Makersplace Preview

Stay awesome.


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