Workflow Fun on Passport Sunday! – Stuck in Customs

Workflow Fun on Passport Sunday!

Well, I try to make workflow as fun as possible today for Passport Members. Today, you see the process I went through before Burning Man to make sure I had a clean library for the event. I did this again before Africa!

Speaking of Burning Man…

Here are a few of my favorite photos for you!

There in the gypsy’s creation.  It pulsed around us like a thick red vein; a timeless conduit that promised to hold a time machine between worlds.  And, I’d have it no other way, as every time machine should come appointed with the comforts of the sultans as they slowly wind throughout the edges of the Orient.  The colored lights cast new tones and shadows upon the rich, supple textures.  Small windows around the edges gave outward portal-glances to worlds and times that whizzed by, each one inviting a new pause to the story.  The light, I noticed, did something unexpected as it tumbled and flowed and rolled across the skin, drifting over small sinuous shapes as the crimson rays slid up and over the flowing curves of a dune in the middle of a faraway desert.  The lines would only stay a moment before the wind blew them into a new form.  The light tore time away from the shapes, and I could not figure out what was happening until much later in the story.

The ground shook and the air crackled as the metal bent and strained around my body.  The screams went animal and blood fell folded back into the sand.

Now on with the show…

Workflow Fun on Passport Sunday!

This is another common question I get: how do I set up different LR Catalogs for the road? Well this shows what I did to set up my catalog for Burning Man this year!

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