Amazing Rotterdam – Stuck in Customs

Amazing Rotterdam

The Story of Everest

This is one of my favorite funny skits from a show you may or may not remember called “Mr. Show.”


Daily Photo – Amazing Rotterdam

This turned out to be an incredible city for a photo wander! This is one of the most famous bridges in the Netherlands. There is a rooftop bar up here where we gathered for some cocktails and photo time. Getting this exact angle was a little difficult, as I notice very few places actually build these bars with photographers in mind. Not that they need to, mind you, but if I built a rooftop bar, I would definitely make it photo-person friendly.

Amazing Rotterdam

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2017-05-15 21:08:23
  • CameraX1D
  • Camera MakeHasselblad
  • Exposure Time4
  • Aperture5.6
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length30.0 mm
  • Flash
  • Exposure ProgramManual
  • Exposure Bias

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