Lijiang at Night – Stuck in Customs

Lijiang at Night

New Chrome Extension!

Do you guys use Google Chrome? I’ve moved over to it entirely. It’s fast and elegant. Anyway, a few developers teamed up to make a very special Chrome extension for me.

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It will give you updates whenever I publish a new photo… then you’ll be the first to know! To see the people involved, like Mohamed Mansour, visit this Google+ thread. Enjoy!

Daily Photo – Lijiang at Night

This is the old town of Lijiang, China, where I spent the week with Tom Anderson (the MySpace guy).  I think I mentioned him before.  Anyway, we got to be friends over the past several months, and we ended up spending a week together here in the south of China.

Tom had first been here many years ago when he was setting up the MySpace office in Beijing.  He had great memories, and he thought it would be great for a big return now that he is getting more into photography.  So, it was definitely a week full of non-stop photography action.

One late night after the sun had set, we weaved through the old streets until we found this place.  Looking up, I knew it would be a wonderful place to take a photo, so I set up for this one.