This Week in Photo Interview – Stuck in Customs

This Week in Photo Interview

This Week in Photo Interview

Listen to the interview on Frederick Van’s Blog. We talk about all sorts of things:

  • The business versus the art of Stuck In Customs
  • Licensing photos and how Getty is a dinosaur
  • and self-publishing eBooks versus traditional publishing
  • The crowded market of camera apps

Coming to Switzerland – Any Suggestions?

I’m 85% sure that I’m coming to Switzerland this summer. I’ve been to Zurich and Lugano, but only for a short time. This time, where do you suggest I go? I’m looking for a picturesque, relaxing, and awesome place.

Daily Photo- The Teleporters

I’m not even sure which hotel in Beijing this is! (edit: comments indicate it is the Grand Millennium Hotel in Beijing) I was randomly walking around an urban area and peered inside some windows to see this. It looked so amazing inside — I had no choice but to go right into the lobby to set up! I was able to squeeze off a few rounds before security stopped me.

Security came up to me and asked, in perfect English, “Please, sir, you cannot take pictures!”

I responded by saying, “But sir, you don’t understand! I don’t even speak English!”

This left him confused for long enough for me to take another bracketed set. Then I left.

High Dynamic Range Photo