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The Majesty (my largest photo ever)

This is one of the largest pieces I have ever made; the giant TIFF is about 21,000 pixels across (this one I uploaded is only 15,000 pixels across and has been downgraded to JPEG to fit inside the draconian upload requirements). I shot it one cool and crisp morning at Glacier National Park in this crystal clear lake that is fed by glacial runoff. It is comprised of 90 different photos that took a small eternity to mix together into an epic HDR. I’ve been thinking about having a 10-foot mural printed at walk-up resolution… but I am not quite sure where I would put it!

If you click on the shot, you can go to the Flickr site. From there, you can click on ALL SIZES to get to the largest size to see the detail, should you be so inclined!

Also, for those of you that are interested in learning more about HDR and this kind of photography, I have an HDR Tutorial, which you might enjoy.

The Majesty (my largest photo ever)

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