Wildlife in Yellowstone – Stuck in Customs

Wildlife in Yellowstone

We went back to Yellowstone and went to a little habitat where they keep bears and wolves in captivity, and do fun captivity-things like put a slab of meat in ice and watch the bears wrestle over it for hours until they break through. That is good times for everyone.

The wolves were actually pretty cool to watch because they all started howling at the same time on one side of the wolf pen. Over on the other side, about 100 feet away, a lone wolf started howling also. I think they were doing their best to simulate calling one another in the wild, but it was weird since they were only 100 feet away.

Wrestling Grizzlies

Oh, and here is a bear skeleton. I thin it looks very strange, and it reminds me of the posture of some of my old friends from the fraternity.