The World Is Flat – Stuck in Customs

The World Is Flat

I have just finished reading Friedman’s “The World Is Flat”. It is one of the best and most sapid business books I have read in a long time… I actually recommend it to all my non-business friends as well since it does a great job of discussing globalization and the rising tide of India and China.


I’ve inherently known about the flat world for the past 18 months or so, and that is why from Day One, I created our company to be truly international: HQ in Austin, USA; development in Seoul, Korea; servers hosted in Singapore; worldwide customer service in India; and distribution in 30+ countries around the world. Of course, this means a lot of travel, but during these 14 hour plane rides, it’s nice to read books like this that help justify why we are outpacing our US-centric “competitors.”

Anyway, go pick it up at Amazon – and educate yourself on the greatness of outsourcing and why it is ultimately better for everyone in the long run… especially if you are a short-sighted Buchanan-esque protectionist.